September 20, 2023

Seamless Sibling Record Exploration in AGrid

Welcome to the next chapter in our series on AGrid’s Intelligent Related Lists. In this installment, we’ll explore ‘Seamless Sibling Record Exploration,’ a feature that allows you to effortlessly view sibling records within the same Object in Salesforce. Join us as we delve into how AGrid’s Intelligent Lists can enhance your Salesforce enhanced list view and related list experience.

Challenges: Navigating through Sibling Records 

Our Salesforce journey reveals a persistent challenge – Picture the need to seamlessly view all sibling records within the same Object, all linked through a common parent through a related list view, a concept that Salesforce traditionally struggles to accommodate. For example, you might need to: 

    • On your cases detail page, and you need to see all the cases related to the same customer account.  
    • Picture managing projects and wanting to view all the tasks associated with each project within the project record itself.  
    • Suppose you’re handling client accounts, and you want a quick overview of all the contracts related to a specific client.  

The Game-Changer: Intelligent Related Lists 

Now, imagine a solution that effortlessly bridges the gap between these challenges and seamless Salesforce data management. AGrid’s “Intelligent Related Lists” bring clarity and simplicity to viewing sibling records, making complex relationships in Salesforce list view feel like a walk in the park. Let’s dive in and explore how AGrid revolutionizes your Salesforce enhanced related list experience. 

Diving into the Use Case: Sibling Records Insights with AGrid 

As we delve further into the power of AGrid’s Intelligent Related Lists, we aim to illuminate its transformative potential through a practical use case. Imagine you’re exploring a Case record and want to understand all the sibling Cases associated with the same parent. In the world of Salesforce, these sibling relationships often remain hidden, as there hasn’t been a built-in mechanism to present them – until now. Enter AGrid as a game-changer.

Step-by-Step Guide: Viewing Sibling Records with AGrid’s Intelligence

  1. Open AGrid Configuration: Initiate your journey by opening the AGrid Configuration of the Object containing sibling records or, if needed, create a new configuration.
  1. Intelligent Related Tab: Transition smoothly within AGrid’s interface. Head to the Intelligent Related Tab and click “Add Related Filters” to kickstart the configuration.
  1. Select the Same Object: Stay aligned with AGrid’s brilliance. Opt for the same Object in your AGrid Configuration for a comprehensive list view experience.
  1. Name Your Intelligent Related List: Before diving deeper, give your Intelligent Related List a meaningful name. This name will be your beacon on record detail pages.
  2. Configure Sibling Filters and Conditions:
    • Choose the field name from the left box.
    • Pair it with an operator based on the field’s datatype.
    • Make the decision: specific value or versatile global variable.
  1. Enhance Filtering: Elevate your data refinement game. Optionally, incorporate more filters for fine-tuning, whether it’s creation dates or status details.
  1. Save Configuration: Seal the deal with a confident click. Save both your Intelligent Related List and primary AGrid Configuration to solidify those invaluable insights.
  1. Navigate to Record Detail: In the realm of the specific Case record, transition effortlessly to the gear icon. Select “Edit Page” for the next exciting phase.
  2. Integrate AGrid and Intelligent Related List:
    • Place the AGrid component under the related list tab.
    • Make a wise selection of the appropriate AGrid, entering the exact name assigned earlier.
  1. Final Act: Witness the Transformation:
    • Seal the deal with a confident save.
    • Return to the record detail page and witness the transformative result – a smooth cascade of sibling records under the related list.


Get ready to be amazed. The quest for sibling insights within Related List views has transformed from a challenge into an accessible reality within the realm of AGrid Product. The simplicity of this process echoes the potential of Intelligent Related Lists, offering you a glimpse into the remarkable strides that redefine how we interact with Salesforce data visualization. 

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