WinMagic’s Salesforce Transformation: Optimal Marketing solutions


WinMagic is a Canada-based provider of cybersecurity solutions, with twenty years of experience in data security. They are a large enterprise spread across the world and operate on a huge database of clients. As long-time users of Salesforce solutions such as Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly called Pardot), they came to SoftSquare for expert services.

Business Objectives

Despite being an early customer of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (then Pardot), WinMagic still had different marketing teams for content, engagement programs, and so on. Their marketing strategies needed a boost, but they also wanted this to happen on their existing Salesforce implementations. This is when SoftSquare came in and put together an Expert Team for Marketing. This team would increase the scope of engagement, automate the segmentation of WinMagic’s client database, and create customized campaigns.


Database Segmentation

By leveraging Marketing Cloud Account Engagement’s lists and tags tools, SoftSquare was able to clean up and effectively classify WinMagic’s database of more than 150,000 clients. Based on the kind of software they bought, the customers were segmented into different sections, and campaigns were assigned according to their interests. The database segmentation was also modified based on newly released products and the addition of new prospects. 

Softsquare leveraged Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement’s (Pardot) Engagement Program to track customer behavior, predict their needs, and to market better. When potential prospects submitted forms, they were automatically added to the relevant product segment, they were assigned to campaigns, and the person involved was notified – this whole process was automated using Account Management.  

This smart automation took their marketing to a different level. For example, if a client was interested in one of their encryption software A, they would be automatically included in the campaign launches for similar products and excluded from different ones. This was the kind of advanced segmentation that SoftSquare was able to achieve. 

Dynamic Content

SoftSquare also utilized the Dynamic Content function of Account Management to great effect. This allowed them to highly customize email content according to each prospect, by importing external JavaScript code. Automated emails would contain personalized messages, and not just the usual generic thank you emails that would go out in bulk.

Connected Campaigns

SoftSquare also set up Connected Campaigns for WinMagic. That meant that campaigns on Account Management or Pardot could be integrated with Salesforce campaigns. This meant that data and prospects could stay on the Salesforce platform. The main advantage of connecting campaigns was the creation of a streamlined channel for data shared between sales and marketing teams. The Sales team could monitor the prospect’s engagement with marketing campaigns and marketers could also track how effective they were in converting prospects into opportunities. 

A centralized place with one integrated campaign saved time and improved organization. If a contact list of prospects was added on Account Management, both sales and marketing users would see them. This sped up their respective processes by getting rid of time spent on coordination and transferring data and metrics.  


SoftSquare successfully put together an Expert Team to boost WinMagic’s marketing workflows on Salesforce tools. They leveraged features of WinMagic’s existing Account Management and Sales Cloud campaigns to integrate data, streamline processes between marketing and sales, and convert prospects into opportunities far more effectively than before. 

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