Turing Video’s Journey to accurate quoting: Salesforce CPQ by SoftSquare


Turing Video is a US-based, AI powered security solutions company that sells facial recognition and surveillance software and hardware. Their customers include real estate developers, commercial buildings, hotels, retail businesses, and more. Turing Video features products like smart IP cameras, video surveillance software, body temperature scanners, and robotic security solutions. 

Business Objectives

Turing Video had been managing all their sales data and operations using Excel sheets, and wanted to upgrade their sales by using tactics like product bundles, subscriptions, and renewals. They needed to migrate all their products and pricing data onto a virtual pricing module to streamline their sales processes. Sending Excel sheets filled with data to management was tedious, inconvenient, and time-consuming. 

Since product bundles and subscriptions were sold in several different permutations and combinations, the salesperson’s judgment or discretion when it came to quoting a price was not always accurate or beneficial to the business. 

Salesforce’s CPQ is known as a trusted and accurate pricing tool, so it was the obvious choice for the Turing Video sales team. The SoftSquare team used their expertise with Salesforce CPQ implementation to facilitate the transition to CPQ for Turing Video’s sales department. 


Salesforce CPQ

The shift to Salesforce CPQ aimed to automate the pricing process for Turing Video’s sales team and customers. The SoftSquare team achieved this in four different stages:

  • Quote Generation with contract –  When a sales contract was drawn up, CPQ would automatically generate the right quote for the order
  • Sales Provisioning – Once an order is generated, the data would automatically populate the subscriptions database in Salesforce
  • Creating Assets – The sales data stored on the cloud then becomes an asset for the company that could be amended in the future if required
  • Integration with ERP system – SoftSquare also integrated CPQ with their ERP system, and provided analysis and third party solutions to issues. 

Once a quote was approved down the chain for any discounts, it would be documented and then entered into the contract. Automating this whole process using CPQ had many benefits for Turing Video’s sales. CPQ would quote accurate prices for bundles combining hardware and software without human error involved. 

Contact Point Address

In CPQ, products could be grouped according to location, so all products heading to a particular area would be grouped for better efficiency during deliveries.

Advance Approval

CPQ would automatically refer packages that needed to go down the approval chain to the respective people.

Quote Calculator

SoftSquare also helped configure some advanced product pricing using JavaScript to modify CPQ.


Thanks to SoftSquare’s exemplary CPQ implementation services, Turing Video now had a surefire tool that they could use to generate quotes without errors or lapses in judgment. Pricing for bundles of different hardware and software products could be calculated easily, and the system automatically sent products with discounts down the approval chain. SoftSquare also customized CPQ to group products going to the same location together, improving delivery efficiency. 

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