St Hubert’s Journey: Automating Gift Card Processes using salesforce Marketing cloud with Softsquare


St Hubert BBQ Ltd is a Canadian casual dining restaurant chain located in Canada. They are known for their rotisseries chicken and employ more than 6000 employees in over 126 restaurants in Canada. St Hubert offers gift cards to their franchises that can be ordered by filling up a form on their website. They offer individual cards and also accept bulk orders for corporate gifts that companies can send their employees.

Business Objectives

Before moving to Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, processing and sending these gift cards was all done through email by the St Hubert sales team. When they received a large order, the sales team contacted the clients, asked how many they required and then sent out the requisite number of gift cards. This was inevitably a tedious and inefficient process, and their aim with moving to Marketing Cloud was to automate the entire task of sending out gift cards. To achieve this, Softsquare leveraged their expertise with Marketing Cloud tools and customized them to suit St Hubert’s requirements.


One of the objectives within the project was to immediately engage and notify the customer once their order was processed. Deciding the sender and receiver, and sending the notification emails – all of this was automated using Marketing Cloud. Softsquare began this automation process right from the Gift Cards landing page on the St Hubert website, where there would be links to forms for the customer to fill in the details of the order such as the number of cards, the card values, etc. 

The application leveraged was Cloud Pages on Marketing Cloud, which creates targeted and customized marketing content and then optimizes it for different experiences like mobile, website landing pages, and so on. Softsquare crafted a Cloud Page for St Hubert, which took around 70 hours end-to-end.

Order Forms

On the forms page, the process of filling in the information also had the option to be automated. For up to ten recipients, the forms would be filled manually, but for numbers above that, the user could simply upload an Excel file that would automatically fill in the forms with the required information. Additionally, the order form was created with multilingual support in both French and English, the official languages of Canada. 

Payment Platform Integration

After checking the Excel files, the next step was to temporarily store the data in Marketing Cloud’s Data Stores until the payment was done. Softsquare integrated Marketing Cloud with PayFacto, a Canadian payment platform, so a payment mode would pop up and the user could choose their preferred method. Before this integration, the payment was done on St Hubert’s website, but now it goes to the specially built cloud page built by Softsquare. Once the payment is successfully completed, an automated confirmation email is sent.


Softsquare applied their extensive know-how of Marketing Cloud to furnish a comprehensive, automated customer experience for St Hubert. They handled all transaction emails with Journeys, and tracked all customer interactions on Marketing Cloud. They also created a data extension to integrate the cloud page with an external payment platform. The previously tedious task of processing and sending out gift cards and following up was all automated using Salesforce applications and Softsquare’s implementation. 

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