Revamping Sales at SP Robotics with Salesforce CRM


SP Robotics is a robotics and coding edutainment company based in Bangalore with 75+ branches across India. They aim to introduce school children to the basics of coding and robotics, and get them interested in an educational, entertaining, and futuristic hobby. They conduct classes both online as well as at their dedicated centers called Maker Labs.

Business Objectives

Ever since advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, much of SP Robotics’ operations shifted online and while adjusting to the unexpected change, they found that they required a better CRM platform to run Sales smoothly. Their existing vendor managed everything using PHP code, but SP Robotics found that cumbersome and time-consuming to update delirevables. That’s why they opted for Salesforce Sales cloud. Softsquare was their go-to partner for Salesforce customization. 


Sales Cloud Implementation

To streamline sales activities, SP Robotics turned to Sales cloud and partnered with Softsquare to implement CRM as per their business needs.

Performance Dashboards

SP Robotics employed Account Counselors, who would receive potential leads, and record the calls made to them using existing AppExchange calling tools. The next step was to get SP Robotics’ Demo Doers to contact responding leads and schedule demo sessions.

The Account Counselors and Demo Doers would be given daily targets to meet, so SP Robotics asked for custom dashboards to track their progress. 

Softsquare made customized performance dashboards that displayed these metrics according to each city’s performance, as well as an overall tracker for management to monitor. They also configured the profiles of the employees and leads to better suit the dashboards.

Lead Routing

SP Robotics received leads from all over India, and would then assign these to the Account Counselors. This meant they had to tackle state-wise local language barriers. SoftSquare initially tried segmenting the Counselors according to state, but after trial and error, decided on splitting them into language based teams. When a lead came in, they would capture the state it was from and assign a team that spoke the common languages of the region. The individual counselors would get leads assigned to queues based on Salesforce’s Round Robin Lead Assignment rule setup. 

Lead Reassignment and Handling

Softsquare also designed a highly customized lead reassignment system, that identified absentees and inactive users after a particular time, and automatically reassigned those leads to active counselors. 

They also came up with an automation that would split the large number of leads according to the capabilities of each team member. This ensured that the Account Counselors worked efficiently to close thousands of leads that they received on a regular basis. 

Softsquare built a complex lead routing implementation, developing scheduled Apex classes to route the leads. This was a hybrid solution that combined Flow and Apex code. This dealt with bulk handling of leads, hence was scalable.

MyTask List View

With this tool, tasks for the marketing leads or the Account Counselors, would be generated automatically. Sales Cloud would also send reminders for calls, follow ups, and demos. Softsquare used Salesforce’s out-of-the-box functionality to display only the top ten priority accounts rather than just any leads that would be easier targets for the Counselors. Softsquare developed this view using Lightning component framework. 


By leveraging Sales cloud’s features extensively, Softsquare expertly handled the transition to Salesforce, and successfully carried out a productive Sales Cloud implementation for the client. The Softsquare team was able to resolve issues of scaling and efficiency by effectively leveraging their knowledge of Sales cloud tools like Flow and by developing code only when absolutely necessary. 

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