SP Robotics: Elevating Customer Engagement with Salesforce Marketing Cloud


SP Robotics is a robotics and coding edutainment company based in Bangalore with 75+ branches across India. They aim to introduce school aged children to the basics of coding and robotics, and get them interested in an educational, entertaining, and futuristic hobby. They conduct classes both online as well as at their dedicated centers called Makers Labs.

Business Objectives

SP Robotics previously worked with a vendor on implementing Marketing Cloud, but had not made extensive use of its features. They were looking for a professional vendor who could provide Marketing Cloud enhancements and create customer engagement Journeys. That was where Softsquare stepped in with their expertise in Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud. SP Robotics was also using multiple external platforms and tools for storing data, integrating with apps and so on. Softsquare’s job was to bring the data onto Marketing Cloud, organize it, and integrate external platforms with Marketing Cloud for a seamless experience. 


Marketing Cloud Connect

Softsquare utilized Marketing Cloud Connect for this project, instead of doing a separate integration between Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud. They were able to leverage this tool to bring in data about prospects and leads from Sales Cloud to Marketing Cloud. Since all the data would automatically sync up, there was no need to export it to external platforms

Marketing Cloud Enhancements

Since SP Robotics’ previous vendor did not use the extensive features provided by Marketing Cloud, SoftSquare took up the task of creating Marketing Cloud Journeys for customers and using the Marketing Connector tool as well, to reach both online and offline customers. 

For online customers who signed up from the website form, a journey was set up to get them to schedule demos. This involved setting up automated reminders and messages through WhatsApp and SMS. Softsquare utilized a third party tool called Sinch to integrate with WhatsApp. Journeys were also created to reschedule missed demos and engage after the demo was completed. They also set up journeys for city based campaigns and new product launch announcements for existing customers.

Journey Builder

Once prospective customers expressed interest in a demo, the status would change on the system, and engagement would continue using the Journey Builder tool. All of the journeys were personalized with the names of the parents or their children, so that the messages sent by whatsapp or SMS would be unique and the success rate higher. Previously, SP Robotics had sent generic notifications.

Offline Customers/Registrations

For offline registrations or existing customers, Softsquare created campaigns based on their city. These would be for any promotions, offers or new course launches. Earlier, the Sales Cloud data had to be exported and then imported, but with Marketing Cloud Connect, there was no need to export it. Emails would be sent automatically, and this reduced the complexity of the whole process. Thanks to the integration of the data on Marketing Cloud Connect, all Salesforce tools were in one platform, and everything from new product launches to journeys could be sent quickly and with ease. 

Optimization of Storage

Softsquare also automated the deletion of duplicate contacts that were clogging up the available data limit on Salesforce. They were able to reduce the count by 150,000 and fit it within the license limit. They used the Automation Studio tool on Marketing Cloud, and incorporated their own code as well.


The SoftSquare team’s expertise with the various features of Marketing Cloud enabled them to improve their marketing and sales processes. With the help of Marketing Cloud Connect, they were able to integrate their data and automate their customer engagement.

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