Samsung’s Salesforce CPQ Implementaion using Softsquare’s Expertise


Samsung as a multinational conglomerate needs no real introduction, as they are a household name worldwide. Samsung Electronics, affiliated with the Samsung group, is one of the largest IT, chip manufacturing and consumer electronics companies in the world. While they are known for their smartphones, they also manufacture electronic components for other technology giants and commercial use.

Business Objectives

Samsung recently purchased an external display unit company that manufactured external displays for sports stadiums and other large venues. The company already had internal Salesforce implementation, but they shifted vendors to Softsquare since the previous vendor did not meet their business requirements. Samsung’s takeover meant revamping their price quotation module, and migrating this new product pricing system into a new Salesforce server, or instance. Samsung wanted heavy customizations done to the standard quote module, and required that both their external and internal display product data exist on a single Salesforce instance.


The challenge here was to ensure that their standard quote module continued to function, while supporting a customized CPQ as part of the new organization. The project was a critical, high pressure and high stakes endeavor for Softsquare, but they were able to adapt and provide the solutions the client was looking for. 

Samsung had almost 50 different price rules that had to be applied to the product list, and their quoting policy was compex with multiple conditions to follow. This made the CPQ implementation quote cumbersome from Softsquare’s end. Samsung also wanted a quote price plugin that they could use to calculate their profit margins. These calculations would only be visible to management level employees. 

When it came to implementing Salesforce CPQ, the Softsquare team had to reckon with two quotes – standard and CPQ. This was because they came from two different price books for the same opportunity. The standard price book would list all of their products at their default prices, regardless of any custom pricing. A custom price book lists products at different prices depending on the user’s policy or rules, regions, market segments, and so on. For Samsung, with their complex quoting rules, it was vital to come up with a design that did not let CPQ price quotes factor into the opportunity product or the predicted sales revenue. This was a change from the previous modules, which relied on the opportunity product to quote the price. 

In addition, migrating large amounts of product data about the stadium displays that the company sold involved heavy integration. 


Softsquare took up this crucial project and met Samsung’s deliverables with ease. They were able to leverage their experience with Salesforce CPQ to integrate the existing opportunity project modules with CPQ. They migrated all the product price plugins, and successfully migrated the business processes of the display business into Samsung’s instance. They also expertly configured CPQ to suit the complex, customized price book. 

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