Digital Transformation in Beverage Manufacturing: Mark Anthony Group’s Salesforce Journey


The Mark Anthony Group of Companies is a prominent private beverage company in North America that produces and distributes fine wine, premium spirits, and ready-to-drink beverages, including the popular White Claw Hard Seltzer. The company was facing challenges in planning and executing the day-to-day activities of their on-premise reps and maintaining sales and depletion data. They needed a solution to streamline their Sales and Retail execution functions.

Business Objectives

Mark Anthony Group aimed to improve the planning and execution of their on-premise reps’ activities by providing them with the necessary tools and resources. They wanted to maintain their sales and depletion data accurately and track the activities of their on-premise reps to ensure better productivity and efficiency.


Staying ahead of competition was imperative for the Mark Anthony Group. They wanted a cloud solution that would scale and help them digitally transform faster.


Softsquare recommended that Mark Anthony Group utilize the Salesforce Consumer Goods cloud and Salesforce Maps to address their challenges. Softsquare’s Consumer Goods cloud team built a custom Survey module for Retail execution, which included new data types like Picklist, Multi-Select Picklist, File Upload, Currency, and Percentage. This helped on-premise reps handle their retail store activities better and allowed sales managers to track the data more accurately with Salesforce Reports and Dashboards.

Softsquare’s Media Manager provided a nifty interface for MAG users to view the product catalog. This allowed users to access product information easily and quickly, which streamlined their activities further.


After implementing the Salesforce Consumer Goods cloud and Salesforce Maps, Mark Anthony Group saw significant improvements in their sales and retail execution functions. The custom Survey module provided better data tracking and increased the productivity of the on-premise reps. The Media Manager provided a user-friendly interface for accessing product information, which streamlined activities and reduced time wastage. The implementation also enabled sales managers to track the activities of on-premise reps more effectively, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Overall, implementing the Consumer Goods Cloud and tools was a success, and it helped Mark Anthony Group achieve its business objectives. The combination of Salesforce Consumer Goods cloud and Salesforce Maps helped to streamline the Sales and Retail execution functions, which led to better productivity, increased efficiency, and improved customer experience.

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