Bridging Sales Gaps: Softsquare’s Dynamic Rules for Magellan Health


Magellan Health, Inc. is an American healthcare organization that manages fast-growing specialty areas of healthcare. They focus on providing solutions for private employers as well as state health programs. Softsquare partnered with Cadalys on this project.

Business Objectives

The objective for Softsquare was to design a system on Sales Cloud for Magellan Health to define and display rules based on each employee’s position and role in the organization. They had to work with dynamic and specifically tailored sets of rules for this project. Softsquare also conducted a gap analysis for their sales reps.



Softsquare first defines the different sets of rules and the criteria based on which the rules would apply. They displayed the rules according to the employee’s given role. Managers would be able to see the rules listed for the reps or employees working below them, and check their progress. They could see the number of cases they completed and the remaining tasks, responsibilities and to-do lists. 

Completed tasks would result in the respective rule vanishing from the rep’s record, so the rules would change dynamically and be re-evaluated as and when the reps finished their tasks. 

The challenge was that Magellan Health had hundreds of thousands of such records, and Softsquare successfully reviewed the criteria for all of them and updated the rules accordingly.

Gap Analysis

Softsquare performed a gap analysis for Magellan Health as well. They identified the time taken up during the gaps between work orders that were assigned and completed by the reps. They tracked and analyzed both the gaps between work assignments and gaps caused by employees’ holidays and reported them so that Magellan Health could plan their sales processes better. 


Softsquare was able to define and display dynamic sets of rules, and identify the gaps in the sales processes of Magellan Health using their Salesforce expertise. 

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