Johnson Controls: Streamlining Order Processing with Salesforce and SAP


Johnson Controls creates intelligent buildings, efficient energy solutions, integrated infrastructure and next generation transportation systems that work seamlessly together to deliver on the promise of smart cities and communities. It is a global diversified technology and multi-industrial leader serving a wide range of customers in more than 150 countries. JCI manufactures various products like Air Systems, Refrigeration
Systems, HVAC Controllers, HVAC Equipments, batteries, etc.

Business Objectives

JCI is committed to helping their customers win and create greater value for all of their stakeholders. Every time a stakeholder wants to place an order, they would communicate to their sales channel, who in turn will process the parts/products order(s). This was a laborious task that consumed several man-hours to verify the request details, check stock availability, perform approval across various hierarchies and complete the order processing.


1. Salesforce community: We enabled Salesforce Community for JCI dealers thereby giving them a direct portal access to JCI. This reduces the order processing time, which adds more value to their dealers.

2. Direct-order placement: Rather than just displaying the simple product selection screen, we created an extensive Search page with different filter criteria that would help the dealer quickly narrow down the Products/Parts and complete the order.

3. Product quoting and approval process: We provided an option for dealers to create a quote-order on products/parts with/without discount and generate a draft pdf. Once a quote has been created, it will be submitted for approval where our automated approval process helps to determine the approval hierarchies based on the quote value.

4. Campaign-order placement: We built a solution for dealers to create campaign-based orders.

5. Order processing: We built a solution to integrate SAP with Salesforce to process the submitted order. Once the order has been processed, our logic receives the generated invoice from SAP and stores them in Salesforce. Dealers can download these product
invoice(s) and complete the Sales process.

6. Online payment: We built a solution for dealers to pay online for the invoice(s). To implement this, we integrated “ASIA PAY” payment gateway with salesforce.

7. Shopping Cart: We implemented a shopping cart functionality, which allows the dealer to save the filtered products/parts and complete the order on a later date.

We have also enabled all these features for internal sales teams with additional customizations.


After implementing the marketing cloud solutions and tools, Golf Town saw significant improvements in its VIP event registration process, as well as in customer engagement and satisfaction rates. The new registration form and confirmation email led to a 20% increase in event attendance, while the upgraded preference page interface and dependent field led to a 15% increase in email engagement rates. The multilingual support and single page to support multiple brands also helped to improve the overall customer experience. Additionally, updating customer data and preferences in multiple data extensions allowed the company to streamline its marketing campaigns and increase the efficiency of its processes. Overall, the implementation of Salesforce Marketing cloud solutions and tools was a success and helped Golf Town achieve its business objectives.

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