Ivy Mobility – Transforming Retail Execution with Soft Square 


Ivy Mobility, a leading SaaS software company in the consumer goods industry, aimed to pioneer a cutting-edge Retail Execution product on Salesforce CRM. The Ivy Mobile application served as the front-end, seamlessly integrated with Salesforce CRM. 

To help implement this product, Ivy enlisted the expertise of Soft Square. The collaboration harmonized the skills of SoftSquare’s Salesforce experts and Ivy Mobility’s mobile app team, exceeding expectations set for the Retail Execution Product. 

Business Objectives

The main objective was to revolutionize Retail Execution, encompassing many crucial activities during store visits. This spanned from capturing detailed store information to conducting stock checks, price verifications, planogram assessments, Share of Shelf (SOS) evaluations, competitor analyses, freshness checks, surveys, promotion tracking, asset management, and photo capture. 


Here are the complexities we handled while working with them: 

      • Efficiently tracking detailed store visit information, facilitating ad-hoc visits. 
      • Grouping retail stores based on distinctive features for enhanced organizational efficiency. 
      • Assigning specific actions to representatives for execution on designated days. 
      • Monitoring stock details in in-store locations across diverse retail stores. 
      • Verifying and comparing product prices within stores, aligning them with pricing strategies and ongoing promotions. 
      • Tracking the visual representation and placement of products on shelves and displays, measuring dedicated retail shelf space. 
      • Monitoring how products/brands occupy specific areas, tracking competitor product placement and pricing strategies. 
      • Tracking product details, including expiration dates and quantities. 
      • Monitoring promotional activities in retail stores. 
      • Managing assets effectively, including asset addition/removal, tracking physical assets, and noting installation details. 
      • Capturing survey details from stores to gather feedback on various factors. 
      • Tracking images of in-store locations with specified date ranges. 


Here is how we transformed Ivy’s retail processes: 

    1. Unified Back end and Front-End:

Salesforce CRM handled the back-end operations, while Ivy’s field representatives utilized the Ivy Mobile App as the front-end tool. 

    1. Seamless Data Transfer: 

Integrated services facilitated smooth data exchange between Salesforce and the Mobile App, ensuring a cohesive flow of retail execution information. 

    1. Structured Data Mapping: 

Each retail store, area, or territory had its master data mapped in Salesforce, allowing organized tracking of retail execution details after each visit. 

    1. Task Assignment Simplified: 

Standard Salesforce Tasks were utilized for efficient task assignment, ensuring clarity and ease of execution. 

    1. Config-Based Module Enablement: 

To cater to multiple market-based clients, a configuration-based module enablement system was implemented, providing flexibility and adaptability. 

    1. Visit Planning and Execution: 

Planned visit data seamlessly transferred to the mobile app, with the flexibility to create ad-hoc visits, synchronized with Salesforce during data sync. 

    1. Dynamic Survey Creation & Survey Analytics: 

Salesforce facilitated the creation of dynamic survey questions with multiple types and dependent questions based on user responses. Detailed analytics from the store and representative surveys were stored in Salesforce, capturing valuable insights on various aspects of customer experience. 

    1. Media Management: 

Images related to retail execution activities were uploaded to Azure, and corresponding links were stored in Salesforce for comprehensive media management. 

    1. Planogram and Display Tracking: 

Planogram master data, Share of Shelf (SOS), and Share of Display (SOD) information were efficiently tracked and stored in Salesforce. 

    1. Price and Stock Checks: 

Price checks and stock quantity verification were mapped and tracked separately, ensuring accurate records of Regular, Competitor, Standard, MRP, Wholesale, and Promotional prices. 

    1. Expiration and Competitor Tracking: 

Tracking near-expiry products, competitor products, and their images were seamlessly handled, providing insightful details for strategic decision-making. 

    1. Asset and Promotion Management: 

Asset details, promotions, and their respective images were efficiently managed, providing a comprehensive view of installations, services, and promotional activities. 


With Softsquare’s support, the Retail Execution product is now embraced by major industry players like BAT, Loreal, P&G India, P&G China, and GZ, marking a significant leap in operational efficiency and client satisfaction. 

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