GBR Metals: Elevating Field Sales with Softsquare’s Tailored Salesforce Solutions

GBR Metals have been a leading TMT manufacturer in South India for over fifteen years. Their 40 year legacy in the steel industry ensures that they have stayed ahead of the competition with their dependable, high quality products. They are a medium-level steel manufacturer who have been a household name in Tamil Nadu and are looking to expand to neighboring states.


SoftSquare’s overall aim for GBR Metals was to facilitate and simplify the existing Salesforce applications that GBR’s sales reps were using. Field surveys, collecting site information, capturing and storing the data –  these are some of the many areas in which Salesforce applications are comprehensively used. SoftSquare helped optimize processes at both the Retail Execution and Institutional Sales ends with their custom-made complementary tools for Salesforce apps.

Business Objectives

GBR’s sales reps were introduced to the Sales Cloud module and Salesforce Maps for their day to day site visits, surveys, and to log the information they collected in the Salesforce database. They used the Salesforce maps to locate sites to visit, and the Sales Cloud module to log data about construction happening, competitors, and upload pictures as well. 

The Salesforce apps, while highly configurable, needed the user to input a series of clicks and commands to use them properly. This hindered the on-field sales reps, who were unfamiliar with such mobile apps, and found it difficult to navigate them. This prompted the SoftSquare team to look for a solution that would simplify and speed up the various field activities and improve the overall processes for better sales all around.  


The SoftSquare team identified a solution to the problem – by creating Flows on top of the Sales Cloud module. Flows helped automate the process of data collection, notifying the GBR sales reps when they arrived at a site, and prompting them about what data to fill out and to take the required pictures. The erstwhile complicated process had now been reduced to just three screens. 

Salesforce Maps made it convenient to find the next site to collect data. Since the map worked as a clear visual tool, there were no issues when it came to navigability or usability. In addition, the collected information was also reported in detail to the management: how many sites visited, the number of calls made, successful follow-ups, and so on. 

With expertise & knowledge over the 5000+ strong applications on Salesforce’s AppExchange ecosystem, SoftSquare also leveraged tools that would further complement GBR Metals’ sales activities


A cloud based software that handles sales calls without exposing personal numbers.

360 SMS

An automated messaging tool that helps the reps reach out to multiple customers efficiently, tracking the overall effectiveness by recording the customers’ clicks and the time they spent on the website.

Salesforce Maps

With the Maps tool, the GBR reps and management were able to clearly visualize and understand vital data for sales. It helped visually represent the geographical distribution of various sales parameters – The distribution of sites, identifying neglected sites, and gaps in the on-ground market.


The solutions were tailor-made to the requirements of the client GBR Metals, and enabled the sales reps to manage their work and time better and achieve their goals faster. The GBR management were able to leverage the existing Salesforce applications better, and further improve their sales processes.

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