Diplomatic Language Services: Streamlining Operations with Salesforce Integration with other SaaS tools


Diplomatic Language Services is a USA-based company that provides professional language training to federal government employees, military, and commercial clients. They connect top instructors with clients and cover over 85 world languages. 

Business Objectives

As part of DLS’ journey to complete digital transformation, Softsquare also integrated various online platforms and software with Salesforce’s Experience Cloud. This included integrations with different platforms like Zoom for online classes, Moodle, their Learning Management System, and Box, to centrally locate and organize all their documents and files. They also worked with external integration software like Zapier to accelerate the process.


Box Integration

One of the critical integrations was with Box for Salesforce, which enabled DLS to centralize all the content that their business runs on for better efficiency. Box would speed up the tasks of getting signatures, and organize them into specific folders according to category. Box also became the place where progress reports were created and stored after they were processed using other integrated software such as Zapier

Zoom Integration and Optimization

Softsquare integrated Zoom with Experience Cloud, and all links to classes would show up on the users’ dashboards. 

They also worked on optimizing their Zoom license usage. Since longer meetings required an upgraded license, which cost more, Softsquare devised a way to save on costs and ensure uninterrupted sessions when needed. They automated it so that a new Zoom user was created every time a new instructor was onboarded, calculated how many hours each class would take up in a day, and scheduled meetings accordingly. They also automated scheduled checks via Apex in case any user needed a downgrade or upgrade for their license, and purchased them only when required. The system used the data on Salesforce to manage around 200 licenses in total, saving costs and effort for DLS.

Moodle Integration

Softsquare integrated their existing Learning Management System (LMS), Moodle, with Experience Cloud. All the course details, materials, tests, and on-site quizzes from Moodle would show up on the Experience Cloud display. They also integrated Salesforce data, so creating users, enrolling, and adding classes and modules on Moodle, would all be on one platform.


Zapier is a tool that automates the integration of tasks between different applications. Instead of relying on code or personally doing the integration, the Softsquare team leveraged Zapier to integrate the Salesforce CRM with all the different apps that DLS were using, including Moodle, Zoom, Box, and of course, Experience Cloud. 


SPecifically, Zapier was used for Moodle user creation, Zoom meeting and user creation, and for creating and moving progress reports on Box. Zapier was the intermediary tool used between applications for convenient and smooth integration. 


Softsquare used their expertise with Salesforce Experience Cloud to create a custom experience for different users of DLS’ system. They designed the display and integrated multiple tools to enhance the different tasks and improve the everyday functioning of DLS. This ensured that DLS users would have a seamless, convenient, and highly efficient online system to carry out all their activities. 

In short, Softsquare successfully executed the internal business process implementation for DLS. 

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