Diplomatic Language Services: Bridging the Language Gap with Salesforce Experience Cloud


Diplomatic Language Services is a USA-based company that provides professional language training to federal government employees, military, and commercial clients. Their instructors provide full-time and part-time programs for over 85 languages. They connect clients who require language training with qualified instructors in that particular language and manage the courses for them. 

Business Objectives

DLS wanted to achieve a seamless experience for both students and instructors by building a functioning online community for both sides to connect on. Ever since the pandemic, they had to move all data and processes that were carried out on paper onto an online platform. Softsquare leveraged Salesforce’s digital experience platform Experience Cloud to smoothly facilitate this request. 

The overall move to an online method of teaching also meant that DLS had to integrate other softwares and tasks with Experience Cloud – essentially, a digital transformation. This is where Softsquare expertise with the Salesforce CRM proved to do the job. 


With the shift to online operations, creating an accessible, user-first online experience was crucial for DLS, and Softsquare was able to build exactly that on Experience Cloud (formerly called Communities) by Salesforce.

Experience Cloud

The instructors’ profiles, with information like the languages they teach, class schedules, and current projects – all of this would be displayed to the DLS team. 

The same platform would have a more tailored view for the instructors. They would see their current scheduled classes, and be able to track their students’ attendance in detail, from which classes they attended to how long they stayed. 

The student was modified to display their current courses, scheduled classes, and attendance data as well. 

Lesson Plans

The instructors’ own notes and references for classes were organized by date and brought onto Experience Cloud as lesson plans that the students could download and refer to for classes.


Timesheets would show the duration of classes, and record the students’ attendance for the instructor to track. The students could also check and approve the data uploaded. 

Progress Reports

The Progress Reports of students, as well as instructors’ observation reports had to be created online, and not on paper. This meant that Softsquare had to first shift the existing data of the last two years or so to the digital format. After a project finished, a report was generated, and any tests conducted to check the students’ language proficiency were recorded. These were then generated as reports for the instructors to track their progress and devise future tests.

On Experience Cloud, reports were created internally and generated using templates from Conga Composer, an AppExchange tool. Then they used Conga Sign, another AppExchange tool, to collect the electronic signatures of the student and instructor, and send them in a common folder via email. This whole process was automated on Experience Cloud. Using Box integration, these reports were categorized into folders and converted into a shareable file using Zapier, a product that automates the integration of different apps and workflows. These documents would also be available to view on the online community.


Softsquare successfully automated several processes using Experience Cloud and integrated tools. Displaying tailored information for each user, document creation, collecting signatures, automatically sending emails for reports – all of these tasks could be carried out smoothly and provide the different users – instructors, students, or internal DLS users – with an efficient and easy to access experience. 

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