Disprz: Revolutionizing Employee Upskilling with Salesforce


Disprz is a professional development platform that aims to help organizations onboard, train, and upskill their employees to bridge gaps in learning and achieve their business potential. They have been around since 2015, and are the go-to upskilling platform for companies like Uber, Indian Oil, Bajaj Allianz and more.

Business Objectives

Before becoming a Salesforce client, Disprz used a different CRM software for their day-to-day activities. This platform did not offer sufficient options for customization, and had several gaps in automation, which considerably slowed down Disprz’s internal processes. Additionally, the different teams at Disprz – marketing, sales, and so on – all used different external tools that were not connected with each other. This prompted Disprz to shift to a more efficient and  time-saving alternative – Salesforce.


Moving to Salesforce offered a much higher level of customization, and automated most of the different steps, and integrated the previously disparate platforms of marketing and sales into a single, convenient platform. SoftSquare’s challenge here was to enable the seamless functioning of the marketing and sales departments by leveraging various Salesforce tools.  

Tools Leveraged by SoftSquare

To achieve the high level of customization and integration that the project called for, the SoftSquare team used Sales Cloud and Pardot, two Salesforce platforms. 

Integrating Siloed Systems

SoftSquare began by integrating the siloed systems into one system, and creating an effective bi-directional sync between the marketing and sales departments. This was essential to nurture business leads and ensure that the sales team was able to close them in collaboration with marketing. All customer data was integrated on Salesforce, which streamlined this process, and also enabled Disprz to restrict access to certain data based on company hierarchy – a feature that the previous CRM system lacked. 

Opportunity Management with Sales Cloud

With Disprz, even after potential customers agree to watch a demo, there are multiple approval processes before they turn into an opportunity. Not all CRM systems have the capability to accommodate these, and Disprz’s previous CRM had different tools for every stage, which slowed them down. Salesforce offered simplified workflows and carried out all approval stages on the same platform. Every stage could be customized, and data about opportunities were automatically populated as well. Instead of going to different external tools for functions like content writing, email templates, and so on, everything was available on Sales Cloud as original tools. Sales Cloud also offered helpful analytics even on their default dashboard.


SoftSquare utilized Pardot, a Salesforce marketing tool to further enhance the seamless opportunity pipeline between marketing and sales. Sending emails, customer touch points, tracking marketing campaigns were all integrated on the same platform, and could be accessed by both teams. This meant that the sales team could effortlessly coordinate with marketing to identify opportunities and close leads. It was no longer necessary for teams to manually transfer and communicate data and information between platforms, and the opportunity pipeline became highly automated. Pardot fuelled real-time coordination and work, nurtured leads more efficiently using automated marketing, and helped personalize interactions with customers.


SoftSquare successfully enabled Disprz to begin their journey of Digital Transformation, by customizing Salesforce’s trusted marketing and sales platforms in a way that met their specific needs to a T. This brought in a high level of automation, decreasing the manual tasks that slowed down the marketing to sales pipeline. Integration onto a single platform streamlined the sales and opportunity pipeline, and saved precious time all around. 

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