Debt Space: Transforming Debt Settlement with Softsquare


Softsquare has implemented a Product named ‘Dashboard’ for Debtspace LLC. Debtspace is a technology solutions provider for debt settlement in the US. 

The Product is live with a few customers in the US. In case of financial difficulty or emergency, the end customer helps settle debts for less than what an individual owes by negotiating new terms with the creditors. The companies that are using this product have enrolled more than $1 billion (about $3 per person in the US) in gross debt and settled over $300 million in debt. 

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Customer used a CRM to manage their Sales and Service operations, and these were the challenges faced: 

    • No visibility into the Sales Pipeline 
    • Low productivity and difficulty to collaborate between Sales, Enrollment, and Service teams 
    • Performance issues when Lead volume is high 
    • Not very robust in integrations with external systems 
    • Unable to execute a few simple processes through Mobile App 


The entire Sales process for the customer happens now using the Dashboard product, which is a managed package built on top of the Salesforce Platform. Here are the salient features with respect to the solution: 

    • Inbound Leads via Emails, Calls, External APIs 
    • Underwriting Wizard to track the Sales process 
    • Multiple Integrations with Credit Bureaus, AI Platforms, Communication Platforms, Data Lakes, and External systems 
    • Automation of the Underwriting and QA processes 
    • Mobile App to perform a few Critical Sales processes 

Best Practices

Here are some best practices followed during the Product Implementation: 

    • Followed Salesforce coding standards 
    • Frequent Code Reviews and Static Code Analysis using tools like PMD, SonarQube, and Checkmarx 
    • Awareness of Governor Limits and ensuring code handles large data volumes efficiently 
    • Implemented security best practices to protect against XSS and other attacks 
    • Designed an efficient and scalable data model 
    • Respected field-level security and object permissions, adhering to Salesforce’s security review guidelines 
    • Wrote comprehensive unit tests with high code coverage 
    • Used a version control system like Bitbucket 
    • Implemented CI/CD pipelines for automated testing and deployment 
    • Efficiently managed different Salesforce environments 
    • Used Agile methodology for iterative development 


Here are the benefits reaped by the end customer after using the Product: 

    • Increased efficiency in Sales Operations leading to higher lead conversion 
    • Significant reduction in the number of clicks, saving a lot of time for the Sales rep 
    • Significant reduction in Enrollment time for a new customer 
    • Data and documents storage in a more structured way, leading to ease in conducting audits 
    • Ease to set up and switch integration with different Credit Bureaus within 1-2 hours 
    • The product is built in a highly customized fashion with an expected setup time of less than 1 day for a new customer. 


With SoftSquare’s support, Debtspace has significantly enhanced their debt settlement operations, achieving remarkable improvements in sales efficiency, lead conversion, and operational productivity. The seamless integration and automation provided by the Dashboard product have empowered Debtspace to handle large volumes of data efficiently, streamline processes, and adapt quickly to changing business needs. This transformation has not only boosted their operational capabilities but also set a new benchmark for innovation and efficiency in the debt settlement industry. 

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