Concretia: Enhancing Field Sales and Outbound Sales conversion rate

Concretia Rock Products Ltd. is a Madurai-based company that sells crushed aggregates or blue metal. Since 2001, Concretia has grown from humble beginnings to one of the region’s leaders in the industry and is a trusted brand when it comes to crushed aggregates for construction.


SoftSquare is the third Salesforce Product Development Partner that Concretia has collaborated with, and the team worked with the prevailing Salesforce software packages they employed, and took steps to improve its features, and worked on new tools that would further add to the efficiency of sales at Concretia. They also aided in the migration to the Salesforce lightning interface from Salesforce Classic.

Business Objectives

The overarching objective for Concretia was to put in place reliable, effective, and accessible Salesforce tools for enhancing sales processes. This included processes like site survey, data collection and analysis, price quotations, calling customers, and so on. SoftSquare also revamped and added to existing Salesforce legacy systems. 

For Concretia, identifying opportunities for sales of their crushed aggregates was key, and this meant designing all tools and software with this goal in mind.

The three main areas that SoftSquare successfully worked on for Concretia are for Sales Executive, Telecaller system, and Identifying Sales Opportunities


Sales Executive

On-field sales are an important component of the sales process for Concretia, whose salespeople were already using Salesforce for their day to day activities. SoftSquare built customized visual highlights on top of standard AppEx maps to show visited and unvisited sites in green and red respectively.

The documentation of visits was also done visually for easier understanding and interpretation. Route allotment and monitoring was also carried out via Salesforce, and was designed to allow management to keep a close eye on their field sales data. 

SoftSquare renovated the Accounts management section of the existing Salesforce legacy software. They had to optimize the product for mobile phones, which sales reps used in the field most often. They created an enhanced list view for different accounts, sites, and flows. Search and column-wise sorting were also useful features that gave the existing Salesforce interface a much-needed facelift.


SoftSquare configured and customized Knowlarity, a telecalling automation tool, to suit Concretia’s sales goals. Regular clients, who had historically brought in large sales, would be assigned to specific telecaller teams and categorized so that Concretia management and callers would know which clients to prioritize and which ones were new. SoftSquare matched up clients to callers based on their region, the type of client, and other criteria to achieve the best results. 

Call details could also be analyzed to award incentives commensurate to the success of the calls. This data also helped figure out which customers were reached successfully or not, and the reasons behind the result. 

Sales Opportunity

Opportunity forecasting is another incredibly useful feature that SoftSquare worked on to perfect for Concretia. Their software was able to identify sites of ongoing or future construction, analyze them, and come up with sales predictions based on the size, scale, duration, and type of construction project. 

Everything, from the number of floors, to the estimated materials they would require for a basement versus a roof – all of these details were used to create sales opportunities for Concretia. This facilitated better planning, strategy, and price quotation. SoftSquare also worked on enhancing the automated tax calculation to include the individual tax rates for different materials used. 

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