CAHO Salesforce Transformation: Unifying Healthcare Events and Membership Management


CAHO or Consortium of Assorted Healthcare Organizations is a not-for-profit organization that aims to promote safety, equality, and accreditation for healthcare institutions across India. CAHO operates communication forums and organizes events for their cause and to increase the overall quality of healthcare in the country.

Business Objectives

As part of their regular activities, CAHO curates and hosts various events for its members and non-members throughout the year. This entails mass emailing around 50,000-60,000 invitees for every event. In addition, CAHO offers various kinds of memberships, including lifetime membership, annual, Gold, Platinum, etc. This further complicates their database of healthcare professionals, which was stored in separate Excel sheets according to each hospital or healthcare center.

Before moving to Salesforce, the gargantuan task of sending out mass emails was spread out among various teams for each step. There were separate teams for writing the content, creating the templates, designing forms, managing the database, and then actually sending out the emails. CAHO also offers training programs, master classes, and seminars, which were conducted by an external Learning Management System. All of these were conducted online over Zoom during the pandemic years, and were stored in an external database. All the processes were scattered and the top management could not get unified regular reports. Specific details about event participation and attendance were hazy as well.


To solve these issues, SoftSquare stepped in to enable a smooth transition to Salesforce. SoftSquare also did a high level configuration of Salesforce tools to fill up the functional gaps, and integrated the siloed data and processes into one unified platform. This provided an integrated experience to the users. 

Sales Cloud and Pardot

SoftSquare took over the tedious process of creating and managing a custom domain for CAHO. The creation of a custom domain ensured that mass emails would no longer get lost in spam, since Salesforce was validated as an authentic source. Integration with Pardot meant that identification and removal of spam keywords, sticking to the data protection rules in emails – all these tasks were automated and emails were created sticking to these restrictions.

Segmentation and Configuration of the Database

The existing database of leads, amounting to around one lakh, as well as new data from forms were automatically classified, and events and reminders were scheduled accordingly. 

(attendance numbers, type of attendees, how many registered and how many actually participated) 


The SoftSquare team also leveraged the out of the box engagement programs provided by Pardot to create Journeys for bulk emailing. This included automating checking whether the invitees opened the email, registered, or not, and the prompting CAHO teams to send reminders or thank you emails as assigned.

Integrating Data

All data on events and leads were automatically synced to the Salesforce CRM, so reports about the number of registrations, actual number and type of attendees, and other useful details would be recorded and presented as comprehensive reports to the management. This helped them plan for future events and identify areas of improvement. 

For training sessions and webinars, CAHO preferred to maintain their existing systems, so SoftSquare synced their existing LMS with Salesforce to collect data from payment gateways. The collected data would then automatically be accessible to marketing tools like Pardot, creating a streamlined pipeline for marketing to generate new leads. 


The shift to Salesforce eliminated any manual work previously required to export and sync data from external systems. The client also looked to evolve into a full-fledged Salesforce-based system, which SoftSquare was ready for, and is currently working towards using a multifaceted, step-by-step approach.

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