British American Tobacco: Upgrading Direct Store Delivery Operations 


British American Tobacco stands as a prominent player in the Consumer Goods industry, with a significant focus on the global sale of various cigarette products. To enhance their operational efficiency, BAT has undertaken the Petra (Performance Transformation) program.

This initiative is geared towards crafting IT solutions specifically for the direct store sales process and trade merchandiser execution process. The program mainly involves using a predominantly mobile application, Ivy Mobile, that integrates with Salesforce CRM and SAP systems. 

Business Objectives

At the core of BAT’s mission lay the seamless pursuit of achieving Direct Store Delivery (DSS). This involved an end-to-end sales process, encompassing Stock Proposals for the Van, Order Taking, Invoice Processing, Delivery, Collection, Return Order, Return Invoice Processing, and Uplift. The aim was not just efficiency but a holistic transformation of the sales journey to meet the diverse and dynamic needs of BAT’s global market. 


Being a stalwart manufacturer of tobacco products, BAT faced multifaceted challenges in their pursuit of global business development. The challenges were: 

      1. Providing a comprehensive solution to support global markets.  
      2. Tracking the intricate movement of stock from the warehouse to the delivery representative’s van, including the unloading process. 
      3. Monitoring the status of orders taken by presales representatives. 
      4. Processing invoices for all orders. 
      5. Managing the delivery process for all orders. 
      6. Efficiently handling payment collections. 
      7. Tracking the status of return orders, ensuring a streamlined process. 
      8. Processing invoices for all return orders in a systematic manner. 
      9. Managing the uplift of return orders 
      10. Provide generic Pricing mechanism for multiple sources of Orders 
      11. Incorporating generic validation logic before order placement, supporting various sources of order creation. 
      12. Instituting a generic reprocessing mechanism catering to all sources of orders. 
      13. Extending the order-taking solution to encompass indirect orders delivered by suppliers through local 3rd party systems within the country. 
      14. Managing representatives’ visits to retail shops, spanning delivery, collection, and uplift processes. 
      15. Providing a mechanism for the systematic reprocessing of purged orders. 
      16. Managing credit limits during both order creation and cancellation. 
      17. Implementing an approval process triggered when retailers exceed preset limits during order placement. 


Our solution revolved around streamlining British American Tobacco’s (BAT) Direct Store Sales (DSS) process, ensuring a seamless journey from order placement to delivery and beyond. Here’s how we tackled the complexities: 
  1. Mobile Application Integration: 
      • Implemented Ivy Mobile Application as a user-friendly front-end tool for Sales representatives. 
      • Salesforce CRM served as the robust backend, ensuring data integrity and management. 
  1. Global Rollout: 
      • Successfully launched the initial solution in Poland & Chile, involving 300+ reps and 5000 orders. 
      • Expanded to Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, and more, accommodating the diverse needs of each market. 
  1. Functional Enhancements: 
      • Enhanced DSS solutions with additional features after the first go live. 
      • Addressed the complex pricing system in the Brazil market, catering to millions of orders and invoices weekly. 
  1. Market-Specific Implementations: 
      • Tailored solutions for South Africa, Mexico, and other regions, meeting the unique demands of each market. 
      • Implemented Indirect Sales Order executions for Argentina and Japan 
  1. Rep Categorization: 
      • Classified reps into Trade Marketing, Pre-Sales, Delivery, and Prompt Sales categories, each handling specific functionalities. 
  1. Team Collaboration: 
      • Collaborated with other teams for Data Migration, Salesforce, Mobile Application, SAP Integration, Anaplan, Heroku Integration, PI, and MuleSoft Integration. 
  1. Order Taking & Delivery Management: 
      • Enabled reps to place orders efficiently, incorporating credit limit checks, overdue checks, and approval processes. 
      • Facilitated seamless Invoice processing and Delivery of products to the store, ensuring a complete end-to-end solution. 
      • Supported various order types like Presales, Prompt Sales, and Indirect Orders with distinct workflows. 
  1. Collection and Return Order Management: 
      • Implemented a robust system for collecting payments through various methods. 
      • Handled Return Orders seamlessly, categorizing them into Pre-Return and Prompt Return for efficient processing. 
      • Managed Return Invoice processing and Uplift of products from the store, ensuring a comprehensive return process 
  1. Order Reprocessing and Clone Orders: 
      • Automated batch processes for order reprocessing, ensuring credit checks, repricing, and more. 
      • Facilitated the cloning of orders based on defined criteria for quick and easy replication. 
      • Implemented Purge mechanisms, allowing manual or automatic resending of rejected orders and stock proposals. 
  1. Generic Pricing Engine: 
      • Introduced a universal pricing logic applicable to all sources of orders, simplifying the pricing process. 
  1. Stock Proposal and Van Unloading: 
      • Streamlined stock requests and allocation through Stock Proposal, managing the movement from Warehouse to Van. 
      • Implemented processes for efficient unloading of Vans at the end of each trip


The robust support provided by Softsquare in implementing Salesforce CRM has empowered BAT to efficiently manage the daily influx of sales orders, marking a significant stride in their journey towards operational excellence. 

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