Backyard Products: Softsquare enhances Salesforce ROI


Backyard Products is a US-based enterprise that manufactures and sells a variety of equipment for backyards, including sheds, playsets, workshops, pavilions, and more. They have tie-ups with major home improvement companies in the USA and were looking to better integrate their systems with these clients through Salesforce.

Business Objectives

Backyard Products were looking for assistance with integrating their systems with that of their major tie-ups – Home Depot and Lowe’s. They needed to streamline their lead management, order management, and create opportunities from leads, all on the same platform. When orders were placed, the tasks of scheduling, notifying contractors and clients, and reaching out to unresponsive clients – all this had to be automated smoothly. On the lead management side, Backyard received a large volume of leads from their tie-up companies, but were not able to identify quality leads and convert most of them into viable opportunities. 

This is where SoftSquare came in and leveraged the tools available on Sales Cloud to meet Backyard Products’ business requirements. 


Order Management

Backyard Products would create orders in their external Capacity Requirements Planning system, and the same would be created in the Salesforce workflow. The order would then go through the field service module, and then the next stage would be scheduling site surveys if needed, and then slots for installation of the products. Backyard works with around 600 contractors across the US, already a difficult amount to handle without effective automation involved. The biggest challenge they faced throughout the order management process was maintaining quick and efficient communication in the workflow. 

SoftSquare designed exactly the workflow they wanted using the Order Management tool on Sales Cloud. Upon the placement of an order, the contractors and clients would receive a text message notification informing them of the proposed schedule for site surveys and installations. Once both accept the schedule, the system would automatically be notified and update itself with the work order and service appointment. If the client was not responding, they would be immediately connected with a customer service representative to resolve the issue. 

SoftSquare achieved this integration between text message orchestration and the actual execution of the work order. In addition, when a work order is successfully executed, the system would also send out a feedback survey, record the data, and generate reports. 

Lead Management

Backyard Products’ leads were created through a batch process from their tie-up companies. The external system would pick them up and assign them to the sales representatives. There was a huge volume of leads, but not many of good quality and potential. The lead management software on Sales Cloud automated the process, and ensured that the marketing and sales reps at Backyard could convert quality leads into real sales. 

SoftSquare designed a system to filter out viable leads from the lengthy contact lists that Backyard received. The potential customer would receive an automated text message, asking them to respond with 1 if interested and 2 if not. If the response was 1, the system would convert them into an opportunity and assign them to the sales representative for the region they were from. The automation between gauging customer response through text messaging and conversion into opportunities meant that Backyard spent less time, manpower, and resources to qualify leads. 


SoftSquare was able to integrate the systems of external partners with Salesforce, and streamlined the work order management and lead conversion processes for Backyard Products. They facilitated fast and efficient workflows that saved time, resources and effort for the client. 

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