November 1, 2023

Winter’24 Release Notes for AGrid

In the ever-evolving landscape of Salesforce, the power to tailor data displays through list views is undeniable. AGrid, an enhanced lighting grid and our lightning-fast grid solution, is set to redefine the game with the Winter’24 release notes. In this blog, we’ll unveil the transformative features awaiting our AGrid users. This lightning-fast grid solution is set to revolutionize Salesforce data management with the following key features: 

Summary of Key Features in Winter’24 Release Notes

    • Preview your AGrid Configurations 
    • Enhanced Group By Feature 
    • Restricting Bulk Selection 
    • Listing Row and List Actions as Icons 
    • Efficiency Unleashed: Setting Default Values upon Creation 
    • Enhancing the Look and Feel of Configuration Screen

We’ll take an exciting journey through these transformative features, showing you how AGrid is about to redefine the way you manage Salesforce data. 

Enhancing Visualization: Preview AGrid Configurations

In Winter ’24, we make it easier than ever to preview your AGrid Configurations before making them live. This feature enables you to visualize how your data will appear on your record detail pages, related lists, or even as an Intelligent Related List. 

Whether you open a configuration or use the list action on your Configuration list, the “Preview” option lets you see the look and feel of your data.  

Depending on your selection, certain field details may be required. For example, if you choose the Related List option, you’ll need to specify the Parent field. If you opt for the Intelligent Related List, you’ll be asked for the Intelligent Related List API Name. 

But that’s not all – you can also preview how the AGrid would look in different views, such as table view or card view.

This feature is not limited just to AGrid Configurations, they can also be set up on the AGrid’s Configuration Groups. This flexibility allows you to fine-tune your AGrid Configurations and ensure they meet your exact needs.

Empowering Users: Enhanced Group By Feature

With this Winter’24 release, the “Group By” feature is no longer restricted to admin configurations. End-users can now view which field the AGrid is grouped by and make changes to it.

We let the users view the group by fields, or group by another field or even completely remove the Grouped By fields to view the data as it is. If the AGrid is refreshed, it will return to its default settings. This enhancement provides users with more flexibility in managing their List views and preferences. 

Streamlining Salesforce Data Management: Restricting Bulk Selection

Different profiles or end-users may require different data handling options in AGrid List views. Winter ’24 introduces a new feature – the “Hide Selection” checkbox, giving admins control over whether users can perform “Bulk Delete” actions.  

Once enabled and saved, users won’t be able to perform bulk actions, but they can still use list or row actions if not restricted. 

Users can no longer multi-select the records nor can they perform bulk delete as the “Hide Selection” is checked. This feature is not limited just to AGrid Configurations, they can also be set up on the AGrid’s Configuration Groups. 

When "Hide Selection" is Checked

Elevating User Experience: Listing Actions as Icons

With the AGrid Winter’24 release, we’re introducing a new way to view your Row and List Actions – as icons.  

This addition, alongside buttons and links, offers a more visually appealing way to display actions while conserving screen space. 

Efficiency Unleashed: Setting Default Values upon Creation

In this Winter ’24 release, we’re introducing a time-saving feature for record creation in AGrid. Admins can now set default values that automatically populate when creating records in AGrid Configurations.  

All you got to do is, select the “Create” action under the List Action and then Edit and set the Default values below 

Setting up some Default values upon record Creation

Once these Default values are set, you can create new records (even in bulk) without having to worry about whether the default values are being saved or not.

This feature enhances efficiency and ensures data accuracy as it can also be set up for Record types. If Default values for the “Record Type” field is set, the user will no longer have to select which record type to create from on the Salesforce.

Enhancing the Look and Feel of Configuration Screen

In the upcoming Winter’24 release, we’re making cosmetic changes to enhance the look and feel of the Configuration screen. This enhancement aims to improve the admin’s view and management of AGrid Configurations.  

Previously, you would have seen a list of checkboxes, including options like “Focus Mode” and “Export,” at the top of the tabs list.

But in the new look, you no longer must view all these checkboxes. As a cosmetic change to enhance the look and feel, these options are now neatly organized under the Standard “List Actions” tab.

Additionally, the “Bulk (Create)” action has been moved under the “Create” option in the List Actions.

Bulk Create under Create List Action

These may be small changes, but they are all designed to make your experience with AGrid even more seamless and user-friendly.


So, that’s a wrap on our Winter’24 release! With our Winter ’24 release, AGrid will continue to evolve, enhancing your Salesforce experience. Stay connected with us at Softsquare for updates and insights on our products. 

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New Agrid user? 

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