November 2, 2023

Winter’24 Release Notes for Media Manager

We’re excited to announce the Winter’24 release notes, packed with new enhancements to elevate your experience. Media Manager, with its user-friendly interface and powerful features, simplifies the way you access, preview, and manage multimedia content within Salesforce.

Summary of the Winter’24 Release Features:

  1. File Viewing Limit Control
  2. Introducing Date Literals
  3. Expanded Filter Criteria Options
  4. Global Variables in Filters

Let’s explore these enhancements and see how they elevate your Media Manager experience.

File Viewing Limit Control 

In Winter’24 release, we’re introducing one of the most anticipated enhancements – the ability for admins to set limits on how many files users can view.  It’s easy to configure; simply set a number in the “File Limit” field on the Media Manager Configuration screen and define a “File Limit Message” to be displayed when users reach their limit.  

The maximum limit you can set is 2000 files. See it in action once you’ve configured your values on the Configuration screen.  

Note: This setup is limited to List and File view options only.  

Introducing Date Literals 

While our filters have always provided a range of options, we’re adding even more versatility for admins. With the Winter’24 release, you now have access to an extensive array of “Date Literals” to choose from when selecting a Date field.  

Options include “Today,” “Tomorrow,” “Last N Days,” “Last Year,” and much more. This empowers you to create more dynamic and precise filters. 

Expanded Filter Criteria Options 

Our commitment to improving your Media Manager user experience continues, we’re now offering expanded “Filter Criteria” options.  

For both record-based and file-based filters, you can now specify how filter conditions should run and display files.  Choose between “All Conditions are Met (AND)” and “Any Condition is Met (OR)” to tailor your filter criteria precisely. 

Global Variables in Filters 

Media Manager’s Winter’24 release brings even more data flexibility with the Introduction of “Global Variables” – a powerful addition to your filtering capabilities. These variables open new possibilities for tailoring your filters: 

  • Custom Metadata 
  • Organization 
  • Profile 
  • User 

With Global Variables, you have greater control over your media management, ensuring that your multimedia assets are efficiently accessed and displayed.  


That wraps up all the exciting enhancements we’re bringing to you in the Winter’24 release notes of Media Manager. Beyond functioning as a robust media player for Salesforce files, Media Manager offers a range of additional features. These include an enhanced Image Viewer and Downloader, an Image Slider for seamless slide viewing, a Video File Viewer, File Preview capabilities, hierarchical file browsing, and much more.

If you’d like to explore further, Contact us today and experience how Media Manager can transform your multimedia content management in Salesforce.

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