August 1, 2023

Summer’23 Release Notes for AGrid

Salesforce users understand the value of list views – an indispensable tool for creating and customizing lists on an object. Users can apply filters to streamline their records or get an exhaustive list of all records. But wouldn’t you like to enhance this functionality even further? That’s where AGrid, a Salesforce product, steps in. 

Harness the power of Salesforce with AGrid, a product designed by Softsquare to revolutionize data management with its robust, lightning-fast grids. As one of the quickest grid solutions on the Lightning platform, AGrid offers features like Multiple Column Sort, Cross Object Editing, and Conditional Highlighting and much more 

Unleash new capabilities with the Summer ’23 AGrid release!! Here’s my summary of all that is here…

    1. Experience the power of Dependent Picklist Fields for enhanced data categorization.
    2. Streamline your List views with the Enable Inline Editing feature in Salesforce.
    3. Handle data more efficiently with the new Bulk Create & Delete records feature.
    4. Enjoy enhanced configuration with the ability to Import Salesforce List views and related list views.
    5. Get more out of your data with Extended Group by Configurations and Loading and Exporting enhancements.

Dive into the details of Summer ’23 release of AGrid and discover our latest features

Inline Editing in AGrid

Summer’23 release allows you to experience a new level of flexibility with our inline editing feature for Salesforce lists. AGrid now enables inline editing in salesforce list view like dependent picklist fields, transforming your Salesforce grid into a more dynamic and customizable tool. 

Let’s take this for an example: The following fields are dependent on another field in the ascending order – Staff, Department, College, University, Autonomous or not. So now, when one of these fields is selected on the AGrid, this is how the users will be able to see up to 3 levels. Demo video 



Furthermore, AGrid now permits inline editing of the ‘Record Type’ field. This feature is also supported while creating bulk records.  



One of our most interesting features on AGrid this summer’23 release is the Required fields. While AGrid Configurations lets you select the fields, it also allows you to control if the field is required on both field levels (while creating new records from AGrid) and on the AGrid columns level.  


Conditional Formatting on AGrid

The Summer ’23 release sees the ‘Conditional Rendering’ feature of AGrid supporting not just value, but also Global variables. It allows admins to select the Global variable like the User Object when a field name is selected.

More Control with Salesforce List Action 

Also, custom list actions can now be hidden based on Profile or Permission. Admins can set up conditional rendering rules to ‘Hide/Disable Action’ for a created List Action, though this feature only supports control variables. 

AGrid Configurations – Made Better 

With the Summer ’23 release, the power of bulk actions extends to deletion. Using the existing delete icon in the configurations, you can delete more than one configuration. 



We’re also introducing Lazy loading to AGrid. This feature helps load the configurations only when needed, boosting performance. 

Experience the Power of a Customizable Salesforce Grid with AGrid 

One of the most interesting features of the Summer’23 release is the ability to import Salesforce List views and related list views as a configuration on AGrid. This feature allows the user to import the Salesforce List views/Related list views as an AGrid Configuration and then allows you to customize the imported list Demo video 


We also added a ‘Clone‘ option for your custom List and Row Actions—a small change that will impress your users and stakeholders. It’s been the most looked forward add on to the actions that can be performed.  


Enhancing AGrid ListViews 

Summer’23 release brings 2 additional options, Include and Exclude operators. These options are supported for only String and Number data types and included in the Column Level, Configuration Level, Preference Level filters 

Summarize number fields based on Grouped fields  

Our ‘Group By’ configuration gets a boost with a feature that allows users to view the summary of number fields even when the Group By field is enabled. When a field is grouped by let’s say Created Date field, you can now see the Amount fields, or any Number fields will now be summarized based on each date. 

Export Data Easily with Salesforce List Export Feature 

With the Summer ‘23 release, you can now load up to 10,000 records in batches of 2000 records on your screen. Now there’s more to this, you can also export up to 10,000 records now. 


So, that’s a wrap on our Summer ’23 release! This upgrade brings an array of enhancements, giving admins and end users new superpowers for an even more polished AGrid experience. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and thank you for being part of our AGrid community! 

Want to see AGrid in action? Take advantage of our free 14-day trial on AppExchange and discover how AGrid can elevate your Salesforce experience. Don’t wait – start exploring today! 

New Agrid user? 

Check out the complete documentation of our product on this page.

For any further queries, reach out to us via our AGrid Support portal 

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