April 30, 2024

Spring’24 Release Notes for Media Manager

Hey there, Media Manager enthusiasts! Exciting news awaits with the upcoming Spring’24 release notes, packed with enhancements to elevate your media management. Media Manager serves as a versatile media player for Salesforce files and provides a comprehensive set of additional features. Experience the enhanced Image Viewer and Downloader, various File Viewer modes, advanced File Preview capabilities, multi-level file browsing, and much more.

Prepare to streamline workflows and unlock powerful features, making media management a breeze.

What’s new?

Revolutionize your media management with these fantastic features:

  • Quick Configuration 
  • File Hierarchy Support 
  • Configuration Page Revamp 

Dive into the Details

Now, let’s explore each feature in more detail to see how it can supercharge your media management:

  1. Quick Configuration

    • Effortless Setup: Bid farewell to tedious configuration processes this Spring’24 release. With Quick Configuration, set up your Media Manager in no time with pre-populated default values. Quickly create configurations, ensuring a hassle-free setup. 
    • Streamlined Interface: The new configuration page is designed for speed and simplicity, allowing you to focus on managing your media effectively. Simplify the setup process with clear sections for Basic Configuration Info, Columns, and File Tree options. 

  1. File Hierarchy Support

    • Seamless Navigation: Access files across various objects with ease, thanks to the new File Hierarchy Support feature this Spring’24 release.
    • Customizable Configurations: Tailor file hierarchies to suit your organization’s needs, specifying Primary Objects, Show Files settings, and more.  
NOTE: Limited up to 15 objects only.  

  1. Configuration Page Revamp

    • Enhanced UI: Experience a revamped user interface for the Configuration page, making it easier than ever to manage your Media Manager settings this Spring’24 release.
    • Improved Configuration: From Configuration Details to Settings, find everything you need in a more intuitive layout, ensuring a smoother configuration experience.

Additional Details:

  • For a comprehensive overview of the new Configuration page layout, check out our walkthrough video available on the Media Manager support portal.
  • Known Issues: In the next release, we are planning to address the varying heights of each card section under each tab. This issue requires resolution to ensure consistency in content presentation across all tabs.


And there you have it—the highlights of our Spring’24 release! With these exciting new features, managing your media has never been easier. Upgrade today and get ready to elevate your media management experience with Media Manager. AppExchange.  

New Media Manager user? 

Check out the complete documentation of our product on this page.

For any further queries, reach out to us via our Customer Support Email 

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