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Build High-Impact, Secure, and Scalable AppExchange Apps

With over 100 man-years of experience, Softsquare’s team of architects, consultants, UI experts, Application security review experts, DevOps experts, developers, Project managers, and QA analysts has a proven track record of delivering powerful solutions for the AppExchange. From initial ideation to final deployment and ongoing maintenance, Softsquare is your one-stop service provider. 

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Why Choose Our Services?


Our team can help with every aspect of the strategy starting from the ideation stage, development process definition, Packaging strategy, Go-to-Market strategy, and AppExchange listing design.

Delivery capability

We use Agile methodologies to deliver high-quality solutions to our clients in a timely and efficient manner. Our team can handle every aspect of the delivery process, including project management, requirements gathering, UI design, development, manual testing, automation testing, and deployment.

Deep Expertise

Softsquare, an experienced ISV, has deployed 8 successful apps on AppExchange, serving various Salesforce customers' needs such as data management, file management, lead routing, lead response management, and user license management. Softsquare products are used by over 40,000 users, delivering value to more than 1000 clients. As a PDO, we pass on this experience to our ISV customers.


We have unique accelerators that accelerate development and ensure fast time to market. Our clients have seen an average 40% reduction in development time and cost through the use of our accelerators.

Security review

We take security and compliance seriously and have a proven track record of passing security reviews. Our team has implemented over 100+ rule sets to validate our code and ensure Salesforce security review approval in minimal attempts.


We use DevOps methodologies to speed up development and testing. Our DevOps team automates repetitive tasks like setting up scratch orgs, package installation, metadata deployment, and data import for development and testing.

Quality code

We maintain code standards and quality through code review and periodically run scanners like Salesforce CLI Scanner, Source Code Scanner (Checkmarx), and Chimera/OWASP ZAP/Burb Suite to deliver a high-quality product.

App analytics

We provide insights into user adoption rates, features used, and more to help our clients optimize their apps and drive business growth.

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