Digital Transformation: Velociti’s Salesforce Solution for Work Order Management


Velociti is a technology deployment services company that installs electronic equipment at various buildings, shopping malls and vehicles.

Business Objectives

Maintaining details of the long list of locations where technology is deployed and reporting the status of work done and equipment used in each location.


Velociti receives the electronic equipment from manufacturers and either stock them in their warehouse or directly sends them to the customer location. Velociti has its own contracted technicians who install the equipment at the planned locations. Velociti had a difficult time maintaining the following: 

  1. Track the movement of equipment from one place to another 
  2. Track the status of equipment: whether they are in inventory, with the technician, on the site, or already installed.
  3. Track how much equipments are installed per location/vehicle 
  4. Track the status of work done in each location 
  5. Inform customers about the visit of the technicians after the visit dates are scheduled 
  6. Generate and send detailed reports to customers about the work done with required photographs 
  7. Rate own and contracted technicians for assigning work in future 
  8. Search for a partner who is located near the customer’s location 
  9. Provide a self-service portal to customers so that they can track the work going on in their location 
  10. Share data between partners online without depending on emails or files 
  11. Provide support to the technicians when they are in remote locations with no Internet access 
  12. Manage the contract documents and send a necessary reminder when the contract is about to expire.


An integrated Salesforce application which can track flow of inventory, status of work, rate the techs before closing work at a location, search for partners near the customer location, real time data sharing between partners, and setting up reminder or informative emails whereever necessary. 

Softsquare led all the stages of the process including requirement gathering, architecture, design, development, testing, training and deployment. As the customer locations are different and technicians and project managers will be travelling to different sites, Softsquare built the application 100% on cloud. 

Softsquare used Google’s mapping API for searching partners based on location, DrawLoop service  for building bulk reports, Salesforce’s customer portal for self service portal and Salesforce-Salesforce feature to share data between partners in real time. 


Because of the integrated application and support provided by Softsquare, Velociti is easily managing the work orders which are received daily. 

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