Mosaic RM: Connecting Experts with Salesforce Innovation


Mosaic Research Management is a New York City-based provider of technology, customized recruiting services, and proprietary data subscriptions to fund managers who value proprietary research. 

Current Process

Mosaic RM sends about experts’ resumes to its clients by email. The client reviews the expert biography and compliance questions and either approves a meeting with the expert or rejects the expert. If approved, the client asks Mosaic RM to fix a meeting date. Mosaic RM communicates with the expert and sends out a calendar invite to the expert and the analyst in client’s company. Once the meeting between expert and analyst is complete, the analyst provides feedback about the meeting, which his administrators can review. The clients are using services of other expert network companies like Mosaic RM.  

Business Objectives

  • The communication over email results in missing details of some experts. 
  •  The compliance team has difficulty in tracking the details of experts who are approved or rejected. 
  •  No automated way to inform expert networks about the approval or rejection of experts they sent. 
  •  Difficult for analysts to know the list of scheduled calls for a day or week. 
  •  Difficult for analysts to remember and provide feedback about the meeting. 
  • Inability to view reports about expert details sent by expert networks, completed meetings, blacklisted experts, etc. 
  •  Inability to rate experts online 


Softsquare helped Mosaic RM leverage with a custom application to overcome the above challenges of its clients. As a PDO (Product Development Outsourcer), Softsquare helped Mosaic RM build a packaged Salesforce application, which can parse emails sent by expert networks.  

  • Parser creates expert records and research call records. Based on the type of emails, the research calls will change its status.  
  • Dashboard for compliance officers, analysts and admins where they can approve the expert, request a meeting and add feedback. 
  • Reminder emails about scheduled meetings and incomplete feedback. 
  • Prebuilt reports which are needed by clients and ability to create their own reports. 

Softsquare led all stages of the process including requirement gathering, design, development, testing, and packaging. 


Because of the integrated application and support provided by Softsquare for the last 5 years, Mosaic RM has been effectively managing the customer needs. Whenever a client needs some customization, it is being done without affecting other customers. 

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