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Optimize Your Salesforce Experience with AGrid


Are you looking for a faster, more efficient way to manage your data on Salesforce? Look no further than AGrid. Our lightning-fast grids and powerful features streamline workflows, boost productivity, and enhance data quality across your organization. Experience the ultimate Salesforce data management solution with AGrid.

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Experience the power of customizable grids in Salesforce.

Unlock powerful insights and efficiency with Interactive Grids


Column Filters

Quickly filter data on any column with multi-select options for all data types, including text, number, picklist, and date.

User Preferences

Save and share filters and sorting preferences with any user, group, or role for a personalized experience.

Export CSV

Export grid data to CSV with a single click, controlling which columns to include in the export.

List Summaries

Easily view and analyze quick summaries of records with calculations like sum, average, min, and max.


Sort columns in ascending or descending order up to three levels for a detailed data view.

Standard Actions

Perform essential actions like New, Edit, Clone and Delete with an enhanced UI for bulk record creation.

Bulk Actions

Perform bulk operations like view, delete, and preview across multiple configurations.

Advanced Grouping

Organize data by grouping records based on field values for enhanced clarity.

Partial Save

Enable partial save for inline edits, allowing flexibility in saving data

Conditional Rendering

Highlight key columns and rows to improve data readability, disable inline editing for certain fields or the whole row, and control the visibility of actions by hiding or disabling them.

Cross-Object Editing

Inline edit fields from the same or multiple objects on a related list without navigating away, enhancing productivity.

Custom Actions

Define custom actions in Salesforce with AGrid. Launch Lightning Flow, Lightning Component (Aura), or Lightning Web Component (LWC) as row or list actions, or even launch another AGrid to view related lists.

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AGrid offers flexible pricing options to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our pricing is simple, transparent, and designed to help you save costs and maximize the value of your investment.

Discover detailed pricing information on AppExchange. Please contact our dedicated sales team today for personalized packages designed to help you streamline data management and boost productivity while keeping costs in check.

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