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Softsquare has launched two popular Lightning products that have had 800+ downloads since October 2016. Softsquare offers Lead Round-Robin Rules engine for automatic Lead assignment, Idle Opportunity Alert to notify managers of stuck leads, and Case/Lead response time tracker.


AGrid is a highly configurable product that aligns with Salesforce’s basic tenet: No-Code. AGrid derives meaningful insights from data and visualizes it in the form of a data-grid

Media Manager

Media Manager is a robust file management and preview tool to aid Salesforce users. The files can be images, audio, video, documents and much more. It is a one-stop solution for any user who deals with everyday tasks that involves several files and attachments from different objects.

Idle Opportunity Alert

Idle Opportunity Alert app sends an alert whenever the Stage is set to a particular value for a long period. The ways that Alerts can be sent to Users or Groups are through a task, task with email or a chatter feed.

Lead_Case Response Time Tracker

Response Time Tracker allows management to have the detailed visibility into Case, Contact and Lead response times they have always wanted with! Now, response times are easily captured and displayed in reports and dashboards.

Round Robin Lead Assignment

Round Robin Rules provides you with the ability to easily, evenly, accurately and automatically assign Cases, Contacts and Leads. Take the pain out of assigning records and make selling easy again!

Idle Alert for Custom Objects

Idle Alert Suite sends an alert whenever a record stuck in a particular value for a long period. The user can be notified through Task, Email, Task with email and chatter feed.

Power Search

Power Search is a powerful extension, that allows users to do 2-level hierarchical searches that span standard CRM and custom objects, for eg., all ‘Closed-Won’ Opportunities that have products form a particular family.

Lighting-grid Comp

Lightning Datatable Dev is a Lightning Component intended for Lightning developers to let them display data in a table/grid with searching, sorting and pagination features