January 9, 2024

Migrate from Image Slider to Media Manager 

Softsquare embarked on a journey to elevate Salesforce user experiences, starting with the Image Slider and evolving into the powerful “Media Manager.” This transition to Media Manager promises to revolutionize how you manage and showcase your media files. Let’s explore the key features that set Media Manager apart. 

Image Slider’s User-Friendly Journey:

Step back to 2016 when Image Slider made its debut, simplifying the landscape of viewing Salesforce images. Born out of the need for effortless image viewing on record pages, Image Slider quickly became a game-changer. On average, it has been actively used by the Salesforce community, reaching at least 45,000 users per month.

Its popularity extends to nearly 400+ Salesforce orgs, showcasing its reliability and continuous utility. Explore how this analytics-backed tool laid the foundation for a seamless transition to advanced media management with Media Manager. 

Introducing Media Manager: 

Softsquare’s Media Manager represents a paradigm shift in how Salesforce users handle their media content. Launched in 2021, this analytics-backed tool has quickly become a cornerstone for streamlined media management, boasting an average usage of 50,000+ in the last few months. Explore the features that redefine how you handle and showcase all your media.

Here’s a closer look at what sets Media Manager apart and why this transition is a game-changer for your Salesforce experience 

Media Manager’s Free Features: 

After installation, we support the premium version for 14 days (about 2 week) trail period and to continue with the key features requires the upgraded version of Media Manager. Here’s a listing of Media manager’s free features offered: 

  1. Preview Images:  Get quick insights with image previews. 
  2. Slider View: Explore media content seamlessly with a dynamic Slider View. 
  3. Upload and Download: Simplify file management with easy uploads and downloads. 
  1. Salesforce Mobile Support: Access and manage media assets on the go with mobile support. 
  2. Unlimited Usage: Enjoy unrestricted usage for limitless media management capabilities. 

Media Manager’s Premium Features 

Unlock advanced capabilities, including: 

    • Filtering and Searching 
    • Grouping By 
    • Support for All File Formats 
    • Access to Related Child Object Files 
    • Custom Actions and More 

Explore detailed offerings in our Media Manager Product Documentation. 

Admin’s Toolkit: Crafting an Optimal Media Experience 

As a Media Manager Admin, you have the power to: 

  1. Choose accessible objects and file types. 
  2. Configure related objects and their file sources. 
  3. Control UI details like file limits and media playback duration. 
  4. Customize columns visible to end-users. 
  1. Filter and curate accessible media for a refined content experience. 
  2. Add more actions for dynamic user interaction. 
  1. Leverage the powerful “File Browser” setup page for user-defined records and file previewing requirements. 

Use Case for Viewing Case Files using Media Manager 

  1. Install Media Manager: 
    • Click “Get It Now” to start the installation in your Salesforce instance. 
    • Log in and choose “Install for Admins Only.” 
    • Click “Install” or “Upgrade” if updating from a previous version. 
  1. Configure Your Media Manager Use Case: 
    • After installation, name your configuration (e.g., “Preview Case Files”). 
    • Set the Display Label to “Previewing Case Files” for a clear header. 
    • Choose “Files,” “Attachments,” or “Both” as your File Source (default is “Both”). 
    • Optionally specify the Object field (not mandatory for record detail pages). 
    • Select “Parent and Child Files” or “Child Files only” (Premium version exclusive). 
    • On the UI Controls tab, choose Views Allowed and Default View (default is “Tile” with “Medium” size). 
    • Enable the “Store File Information” checkbox for enhanced optimization. 
    • Set the Files Limit and Files Limit Message to control the number of files for viewing. 
    • Save your configuration. 
  1. Customize Views and Actions: 
    • Once saved, explore and customize Columns, Filters, and Actions (Row/List) based on your preferences. 

Comparing Image Slider & Media Manager 

Here’s what Image Slider view can look like: 

Here’s how Media manager can enhance your file management in a record detail page: 

Make the Transition Today 

Media Manager not only functions as a robust media player for Salesforce files but also offers a suite of additional features. Enjoy an enhanced Image Viewer and Downloader, an Image Slider for seamless slide viewing, a Video File Viewer, File Preview capabilities, hierarchical file browsing, and much more.

Ready to elevate your Salesforce experience? Embrace the transformative power of Media Manager by visiting our AppExchange page. Explore the free and premium versions available on AppExchange.

For any further inquiries or assistance, Connect with our dedicated support team. Upgrade your Salesforce journey and revolutionize your media asset management with Media Manager!

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