December 28, 2023

Instantly Transfer Records in Salesforce with User360 templates

Welcome to the next phase of our User360 journey! Today, we delve into executing transfer records in Salesforce with User360. Discover how our solution simplifies mass transfer records in Salesforce, ensuring streamlined and efficient user management.

Dive into the realm where User360 empowers you to seamlessly execute transfer templates instantly, waving goodbye to manual hurdles and ensuring a swift, error-free user management process.

Let’s unravel the efficiency together.

Executing Transfer Records in Salesforce with User360

Experience the flexibility of User360 with various options for executing seamless record transfers, all tailored to your unique requirements:

  1. Immediate Template Execution

  2. Embedding in Process Templates

In this blog, we’ll guide you through the steps of executing transfers promptly, using the template established in our previous discussion.

Executing the Transfer Process

  1. Execute the Template Immediately: In our previous blog, we crafted a template. To transfer records instantly, locate the corresponding button in the top-left corner of the Transfer Records template.
  1. Generate a Transfer Request: Click the button to generate a transfer records request. Specify the originating user by selecting the “Transfer from” option.
  1. Edit Transfer Details: Proceed to edit each step within the template, specifying the user and other essential transfer details.
  1. Verify and Confirm: Thoroughly review and confirm that all steps have the necessary details. Finalize the process with a simple click on the “Transfer” button.
  1. Review Transfer Record: Post-transfer, find yourself redirected to the detailed transfer record page under the “Requests” tab in Transfer Records Configuration.
  1. Check Related Logs: Navigate to “Related Logs” to meticulously examine the success or failure details of this process.
  2. Immediate Transfer Option: Always have the option to transfer records immediately, given that the templates are set up beforehand.

Executing transfer processes instantly is a powerful feature, significantly boosting flexibility and efficiency in Salesforce management.


Hold onto your seats! In this blog, we’ve explored how User360 empowers seamless execution of mass transfer records in Salesforce. User360 not only simplifies the process but also enhances efficiency, ensuring streamlined user management

Brace yourself for the upcoming excitement in our next installment, where we’ll unravel the art of incorporating transfer templates into process templates, taking your workflow to new heights. Stay tuned!

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