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Your business processes and strategies evolve over time. Measures, targets, and sales processes will change. New products and services will be introduced and discontinued. Salesforce releases major upgrades thrice a year. Shouldn’t you be leveraging them effectively? Your Salesforce releases need to evolve in line with your sales and Internal business processes, don’t they?

Health Check will help identify:
    • Functional bottlenecks
    • Under-utilization of Salesforce features
    • Incomplete or poorly structured configurations
    • Missing security protocols
    • Deviations from maintenance standards
    • Inadequate reports or dashboards
    • Lack of code standards
    • Need for data management and governance best practices
    • Declining user adoption
    • Performance Issues


  • 12 year Salesforce SI/ISV/PDO partner

  • Salesforce-focused Silver partner on all fronts – Consulting (SI), AppExchange products (ISV), Product Development Outsourcer (PDO)

  • Over 500+ Salesforce implementation

  • 100+ total certifications including 16 Salesforce Admin Certifications.

  • CSAT score of 4.95+/5

  • Dedicated team for consulting & services for: Sales cloud Service cloud Marketing Cloud MuleSoft CPQ Field service Commerce Cloud B2B Lightning Migrations Einstein Analytics Pardot Tableau

  • 130+ resources working for customers across USA, Canada, and APAC regions

  • Wide span of project experience and deep product understanding

Our free health check package includes:

     ORG Audit

     Limits Audit

     Data Audit

     Object Level Audit

     APEX Code Audit

     Package Audit

     Report Usage

     Lightning Readiness Review


Remediation priced separately


Our premium Salesforce health check includes:

Functional Audit:
    • Initial Audit: We execute client business processes in Salesforce. This activity gives us an early view of the system and its potential pain points 

      • Mid-audit Workshop: We get together with business users to understand how they perform their daily activities. We review all the use cases, understand why activities are done the way they are, and gather user feedback.

      • After audit Workshop: we build a document consolidating the key points raised by the stakeholders during our observations. This enables us to map areas of improvement, and the level of adoption and satisfaction with the functionality of the current systems.

  • Security Audit: (Salesforce security health check)
        • OWD & Roles reviews
        • Review of Profiles & Permission Sets, report on “View All Data” or “Modify All Data” access
        • Review Permission Set Groups & Muting Permission Sets
        • Review of any external access
        • Review Sharing Rules
    Data Model Audit:
      • Review of limits and object usage
      • Review of field usage
      • Review of the general architecture
      • Review of custom objects, fields
      • Solution design of Refactoring if needed.
      Integration Audit:
      • Logical integration architecture. Logical flow analysis.
      • Physical integration architecture. Appropriate implementation. Patterns and conventions.
      • Tools and technologies.
      • Platform limits.
      Complimentary Discovery Session included Consulting and Remediation priced separately