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Generate quick quotes accurately with ‘Salesforce CPQ'

Optimize quote generation processes with ‘Salesforce CPQ’ by reducing turnaround time, eliminating bottlenecks and improving overall accuracy.

What is Salesforce CPQ?

In this digital era, sales teams are stuck counting on spreadsheets even in the final stages of sales cycle. Salesforce CPQ improves the quoting process by providing the Sales Reps with brilliant features to generate complex quotes.

Salesforce CPQ is an invaluable asset to your Sales team by making the sales process faster, easier and more organized. Sales Reps can concentrate more on relationship building with your clients because quote generation is now automated with Salesforce CPQ. Moreover, quick and accurate quote generation increases the efficiency and speed of the sales process thereby positively impacting your overall sales cycle. This leads to faster deal closing and more deals on the table. Salesforce CPQ automates & organizes all aspects involved in the RFQ process.

It aids sales reps sell the right product combinations and control discounting by customized pricing for any product configuration scenarios. Salesforce CPQ gives companies good visibility and control over their product sales.

Salesforce CPQ works in tandem with CRM Platforms, ERP systems and many other business technologies ensuring data accuracy. Quotes spawned here can be automated according to pre-programmed set of rules while ensuring error-free pricing. It also manages the tasks associated with repetitive orders and subscriptions by automatically generating renewable quotes applying existing contract terms. It helps by seamlessly integrating invoicing, collections, taxes and reporting. Salesforce CPQ for professional services can help turn your sales team into a lean, mean selling machine.

Why Softsquare as your partner for Implementing Salesforce CPQ?

Generating Customizable quotes

We customized the structure of Quote with ‘Quote Templates’. It enables us to customize section-wise view of any quote & the components covered in each section. The Quote supports many languages as Salesforce does. Defining the structure of Quote in advance for every customer makes it a lot easier for Sales Reps while generating quotes quickly.

Automated Product bundling feature during quote generation

The Sales reps always need to make sure that they sell the right products together by creating product bundles that they can add to quotes. Salesforce CPQ supports product bundling and has a separate feature to automate the same while generating quotes. We can customize configurable features for your products that help the Sales Rep in choosing the feature like Color, Size, type, etc. of products while adding them to quote.

Configuring Product rules for efficient process

We have configured product rules according to Clients’ business requirements. Product rules help sales reps by putting together the right products every single time. This helps the Sales Reps in saving time when many quotes are generated at a single point in time.

Customizing Salesforce CPQ products with many easy-to-use features

With a single click, the sales rep will be able to generate the quote for repeat orders using the ‘Custom Actions’ feature in Salesforce CPQ. This will end up saving huge manhours for the sales rep in terms of automating mundane tasks. We have also enabled Guided selling in the array of Salesforce CPQ features. Guided selling helps sales reps select the product by answering a set of related questions like brand, colour, size, features, specifications etc. This will help in narrowing down the listed products to be added to the quote. For many subscription products, we have also automated the creation of a Contract and Orders based on certain conditions.

Tailor made Pricing methods & Pricing Rules

Salesforce CPQ supports different pricing methods like Block Pricing, Subscription pricing etc. We have customized many such pricing methods based on the client’s requirement. Pricing Rules in Salesforce CPQ automatically configure the price of a product depending upon the nature of another product added to Quote. We also made use of the discounting techniques for Products to get discounted automatically based on parameters like economies of scale and stock date etc. with Salesforce CPQ.

Customizing with Apex Codes

Salesforce platform provides configurations for most requirements. Softsquare adheres to those requirements just by clicks. Some needs are very client-specific and for few business requirements that cannot be handled with configurations, we use Apex Code to achieve those functionalities.

Why Salesforce CPQ? (Source: FY18 B2B Sales Report, Salesforce)

Ease of Usage

Salesforce CPQ enables Sales Reps to quickly & easily setup and configure the system. This Sales tool takes a very minimal time for training to bring up your sales team to speed. It helps in saving time by reducing lots of mundane and repetitive administrative tasks.

Significant reduction in Errors

It would be impossible for Sales Reps to generate many quotes in minutes without configurations. Since most of the Customer needs can be configured in Salesforce Platform, the chances of errors in configurations or pricing are really less while generating a quote.

Improves forecast accuracy

Integration of Sales data from CPQ with Salesforce CRM provides an improved forecast accuracy. CPQ provides our customers with better insights on what is sold. That helps clients cross-sell & define new discounts to promote more sales.

Quick & efficient process

Employing Salesforce CPQ, the Sales Reps can quickly generate a quote and get it approved faster. This significantly reduces the man hours spend in generating quote thereby enabling the sales team to concentrate on more productive tasks. Multiple quotes can be generated for a single order & CPQ decreases time from quote generation to closing the deal.

Our Legacy

  • Salesforce focused Gold Partner & the best Salesforce CPQ Implementation partner

  • Extensive experience in customizing Salesforce CPQ

  • Strong team with experienced Salesforce certified CPQ Consultants

  • Wide span of project experience and deep product understanding

  • Providing Innovative solutions aligning perfectly with business needs

  • 500+ successful Salesforce Implementations

  • 135+ Certified Professionals

  • Quality and timely delivery & continuous support

  • Customer Satisfaction rating of 98%

Process Flow

Identifying Pain points

Every business across the globe is unique, so we try our best to understand your business process first. During this phase, we ask questions, listen and learn. We understand and identify the pain points and root causes of problems you face with business. We brainstorm in arriving at gain points. We go beyond by exploring the values, goals and challenges that drive your business.

Design approaches

Depending upon the nature of problem, we design solutions aligned to your core needs. Our analysts come up with various approaches specifically for each client to meet significant nuances in business. We create a connection between your business needs and Salesforce products. Our team of experts who always stay tuned with Salesforce functionality, features, and updates and play an integral part in designing approaches

Analyze and finalize Approach

We analyze and assess existing Salesforce instances. We analyze every approach in terms of performance, cost, lead time, and any other factors that are important while delivering a solution. The metrics that we track here may be different for different clients based on the type of business. Based on our analysis, our consultants pick and choose the best solution that aligns well with your needs and thoughts.


We customize Salesforce Products in a way that is closely aligned with your requirements. We consider all integration and migration activities while building the solution. We adopt best practices, build road-maps, prioritize tasks and implement them employing a well-structured process.


We empower you by deploying and implementing the built solution. We provide change management guidance and continuous service support to ensure that all stakeholders experience a positive adoption.