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Transform Retail Execution, Optimize Distribution, and Elevate the In-Store Experience

With over 100 man-years of experience, Softsquare’s team of architects, consultants, UI experts, Application security review experts, DevOps experts, developers, Project managers, and QA analysts has a proven track record of delivering powerful solutions for the AppExchange. From initial ideation to final deployment and ongoing maintenance, Softsquare is your one-stop service provider. 

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Why Softsquare?

The Team

100-man years of experience of experience building solution for consumer goods industry, as well as configuring and customizing the Salesforce platform.

Agile Project Management

Maximum flexibility and efficiency throughout the project's lifecycle, enabling us to deliver projects on time and within budget.

No/Low-Code Delivery

Ensures quick and efficient implementation of Salesforce Consumer Goods cloud solution, enabling you to achieve your business goals with ease.

System Integration

Seamless integration between Salesforce and other systems such as ERP systems or payment gateways ensures that you have a complete view of your customer data and can make informed business decisions.

Migrate from Legacy Systems

Data migration services ensure a smooth transition from legacy systems to Salesforce, enabling you to modernize your systems and processes.

Rapid Delivery

Softsquare's accelerators, Appexchange products, and proprietary products such as AGrid, Media Manager, and Snap Data accelerate your time-to-value, streamline workflows, and drive growth.


Our DevOps team leverages Salesforce CLI, DevOps Center, and StarDX to create a robust CI/CD pipeline process that ensures smooth and continuous delivery of Salesforce solutions with maximum efficiency.

Best Practices

Our experienced architects and developers implement Salesforce best practices to optimize your solution and handle large data and API calls without impacting performance.

Automation Testing

Our comprehensive automation testing services minimize the risk of errors and ensure maximum uptime for your Salesforce solution.


Retail Execution

Salesforce Maps


Other Retail Execution Tasks



Process Automation

UI/UX Optimization

Application & Data Security

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