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JCI – Lightning Migration

Johnson Controls creates intelligent buildings, efficient energy solutions, integrated infrastructure and next generation transportation systems that work seamlessly together to deliver on the promise of smart cities and communities.

NuDebt – Lightning Migration

Streamline Debt Settlement process within the robust Salesforce platform

SyncFusion – Lightning Migration


Syncfusion provides the World’s Best UI Component Suite for Building Powerful Web, Desktop, and Mobile Apps.


  • More than 100 users familiar with Classic screens and process.
  • Multiple VisualForce Pages were used in Salesforce Classic, with a need to modify the existing VF pages to be enabled in Lightning without losing the process/data flow.
  • Client was looking for a console for the sales reps to look at all of their data in single place.
  • Multiple URL JavaScript buttons to quick action buttons were used.
  • Users want to use the easy data access functions in Lightning.


  • All users are live using Lightning and all have been taught how to use Lightning and how to convert back to Sales Cloud Classic as needed. Managers are provided with a report of user adoption to follow-up issues.
  • In some cases, existing VF pages were converted using Lightning Design System. In other cases, VF pages were fully replaced with newly developed Lightning Components.
  • Salesforce Lightning Sales Cloud Console UI was implemented.
  • URLs, JavaScript buttons, and Quick Action buttons were re-developed for Lightning.
  • Record Pages, Path Settings and Utility bar were implemented/modified for Easy Access of Data to User.


  • Salesforce Lightning increased user and administrator productivity by 25%