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Sales Stages Project and Fractional Admin Support


WinMagic develops intelligent data security solutions for everything encryption, built on a commitment of high standards and strong ethics.


WinMagic has leveraged Salesforce Sales Cloud for over 2 years, and during that time had a support arrangement with a Salesforce support provider. WinMagic was looking for a Salesforce partner that could provide Fractional Admin services but also offer other areas of Salesforce support if needed, such as Pardot. Additionally, as the WinMagic Salesforce Implementation was not keeping pace with Salesforce’s technology advancements such as Lightning, user satisfaction was dropping and alternatives were being considered.

WinMagic had an urgent need to change the Salesforce standard Sales Stages, which were a large factor in user dissatisfaction with Salesforce. This project in particular drove WinMagic to engage a new Salesforce support partner.


Toronto-based partner Softsquare has been a Salesforce provider for 12+ years, has over 130 expert Salesforce resources, and has practices areas including Pardot, which is currently unsupported at WinMagic. Additionally, Softsquare offers a fractional support model with different tiers based on customer needs. Softsquare proposed a support model with WinMagic that included:

  • Ongoing support working with the in-house resource tasked with Salesforce Admin.
  • Identify and rectify known current issues, especially beginning with the Sales Stages project.
  • Perform a Salesforce Health Check to identify issues across the full Salesforce instance and prioritize items for remediation.
  • Identify Salesforce’s related potential improvements and prioritize for inclusion in monthly task lists.

The Softsquare proposal included costing at approximately 45% below the incumbent, which was in alignment with WinMagic’s cost reduction efforts.


Softsquare successfully engaged with WinMagic, replaced the incumbent provider, and successfully delivered the urgent Sales Stages project.

Ongoing admin support is continuing and other important projects, such as Service Cloud implementation and move to Salesforce Lightning, are now in the planning stage. Softsquare is working closely with WinMagic Admin to upgrade the acceptance of Salesforce throughout WinMagic.

Customer Testimonial

“Softsquare provides us with personal attention, an individual touch vs the large corporate feel of other IT solution providers. Our dedicated Softsquare team strives to provide us top notch customer service and follow through with all our requirements regardless of the complexity.”

– Paula Anderson, Manager, Campaign & Social Media Marketing