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Mosaic Research Management is a New York City-based provider of technology, customized recruiting services, and proprietary data subscriptions to fund managers who value proprietary research.

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NACD helps corporate boards exceed the expectations of their stakeholders. NACD enable directors to anticipate risks and opportunities. NACD equips directors to make sound decisions based on best practices and insights from recognized experts.

NuLaw – Legal Practice Management Suite


NuLaw, built by Selas Technolgoies, allows you to run your practice more efficiently by leveraging the best in class Law Firm Practice Suite so you can increase profitability. NuLaw supports attorneys and firms of all sizes. NuLaw automates manual tasks throughout your practice and allows you to customize your intake and matter management. Leveraging NuLaw’s suite, you have access to the document library and research tools to help you provide quick and effective results. Powered by the world’s leading and most secure cloud application,, NuLaw lets technology do the mundane work so you can get back to what matters.


  • The transition of Classic components to the Lightning framework
  • Email services to handle inbound emails
  • SharePoint Integration for accessing SharePoint documents
  • Communities set up


  • Development of Lightning components with the same functionality as in Classic using Lightning framework
  • Development of email services to attached the inbound emails to related matters
  • Developing ability to access SharePoint documents from Salesforce and also able to upload documents from Salesforce SharePoint
  • Development of custom community portal using Lightning builder


  • Now NuLaw is Lightning ready
  • The application handles inbound emails and attaches related emails to respective matters
  • SharePoint’s current users are able to access their SharePoint files directly in Salesforce
  • NuLaw has the ability to turn off and on access to the client by a community portal