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Johnson Controls creates intelligent buildings, efficient energy solutions, integrated infrastructure and next generation transportation systems that work seamlessly together to deliver on the promise of smart cities and communities.

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Syncfusion provides the World’s Best UI Component Suite for Building Powerful Web, Desktop, and Mobile Apps.

NuDebt – Lightning Migration


NuDebt, built by Selas Technologies, is a robust platform used in the Debt Relief Industry, providing tools to manage business processes, marketing, negotiations, contracting, payment processing, client retention, and more. NuDebt also incorporates advanced functionality such as auto-calculations and complex payment scheduling. SelasTech has a team of experts in Salesforce system integration, software development, CRM, and technology consulting. Our dedicated team will customize and integrate your cloud-based system, which will automate mundane tasks, accurately report efficiencies, increase revenues, and revolutionize your business. In short, our solutions provide maximum return on your technology investment.


  • Full product built on VF Pages and multiple detail page overrides, couldn’t load in Lightning.
  • Detail page buttons and button links for navigating to the VF pages and URLs were not supporting in Lightning.
  • VF pages were taking too much time to load the UI and not fully responsive.
  • Device Compatibility was very tough to handle in Classic and VF pages.
  • There was no data cache in Salesforce Classic.
  • No VF Component-to-VF Component communication, which reduced performance.
  • Data re-rendering was slow in VF pages.
  • No in-built components for UI development.


  • Full product converted to Lightning and implemented page overrides using Lightning Record Pages.
  • Implemented using quick actions for easier navigation.
  • Achieved with Lightning Component Development.
  • Device compatibility achieved with Lightning component.
  • Lightning implementation provided data cache as a main feature.
  • With Lightning Component Development, data service and data cache, rendering became very fast.
  • Lightning’s delivered components will reduce development cost for all modules.


  • The results of Lightning Migration have been phenomenal. Customer conversion rates more than doubled.