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Mosaic Research Management is a New York City-based provider of technology, customized recruiting services, and proprietary data subscriptions to fund managers who value proprietary research.

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NuDebt – A Complete System for Debt Settlement


NuDebt, built by Selas Technologies, is a robust platform used in the Debt Relief Industry, providing tools to manage business processes, marketing, negotiations, contracting, payment processing, client retention, and more. NuDebt also incorporates advanced functionality such as auto-calculations and complex payment scheduling. SelasTech has a team of experts in Salesforce system integration, software development, CRM, and technology consulting. Our dedicated team will customize and integrate your cloud-based system, which will automate mundane tasks, accurately report efficiencies, increase revenues, and revolutionize your business. In short, our solutions provide maximum return on your technology investment.


  • Development of Lightning ready Visualforce pages
  • Multiple Payment Processor API integrations
  • Transunion API integration
  • Advanced payment schedule calculations
  • Advanced payment change simulation calculator


  • Development and conversion of Visualforce pages to Lightning ready pages within application
  • Develop and implement multiple payment API integrations standard and unique
  • Develop advanced payment schedule tool
  • Develop payment schedule simulation calculator


  • Converted NuDebt’s visual force pages to lightning ready with significantly improved user interface and ease of use
  • API integrations created for multiple payment processor options and connections to multiple clearing houses
  • Integrated Transunion API connection for speedy client evaluations and feedback
  • Advanced payment schedule tool providing “real time” adjustments and feedback to clients
  • Advanced payment simulation calculator providing instant approval of client requested payment schedule changes and ensuring client accounts stay in good standing for the life of the program