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Live Agent

COMPANY BACKGROUND is a leading supplier of Car Parts for private households. They are an online e-commerce business operating via multiple Web sites. They just revamped their Customer Service interactions using’s Service Cloud.


Mick’s Garage was tracking service requests via multiple email inboxes. Service requests from each geographical area would direct an email to a unique email address. There was no mechanism to measure responsiveness of Customer service reps. If a rep had left a service request on hold for further follow-up and never responded to it after receiving further customer updates on that request, there was no way for a co-worker to take over ownership of that request. Case assignment using queues was an absolute need. Moreover, there was no real-time support such as live chat.


Softsquare solved the above problems by configuring and extending the following Salesforce Service Cloud features.</p?

Service Cloud’s Email to Case

  • Case assignment to one of multiple queues based on support email address.
  • Apex trigger to create a Contact if the customer who raised the Case does not exist in Salesforce.
  • On-hold function: after 3 days back into the queue – using time-dependent workflows.
  • Not worked function: 9 hours without action, Cases will be taken out of the Workspace and put back into the Queue.
  • Closed Case Reopen: New emails will Reopen cases at any time and bring them back to the queue.
  • Custom Pre-chat window to capture customer’s profile and issue, localized by Web site; implemented as Visualforce page.
  • Leveraged multi-language Live Agent feature.
  • Configured Live Agent Skill sets to assign chat requests to particular reps.
  • Exit survey form to measure agent performance; implemented as Visualforce page.
  • After implementing Service Cloud, our client’s abandoned chat rate moved from 15% to 3%.
  • After implementing Service Cloud, our client’s ability to measure agent performance has increased significantly.
  • After implementing Service Cloud, our client’s average response time to service emails has been reduced from 10 hours to 15 Minutes.