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Automated Email Support

INTTRA is an electronic transaction platform and information provider at the center of the ocean shipping industry. INTTRA allows customers to book and track containers and submit shipping instructions within the industry’s largest e-commerce network, gaining access to 54 carriers and NVOCCs

Care Management System

Unite Here Health (UHH) provides high quality, affordable healthcare to all their participants. Headquartered at Aurora, IL UHH has its offices widespread across all regions of the United States

GoToAssist Remote Support


GoToAssist Remote Support is an Internet-based remote support tool offered by Citrix. This tool enables users to access and control remote computers as well as other Internet-connected devices in order to provide technical support.


Technical support staff who use Salesforce for their Case management and GotoAssist RS for the support communication have had difficulty in maintaining the case notes on two different systems. There wasn’t a localized solution within Salesforce to maintain and save the references from the case notes every time a technical support has been assigned to a customer.


GoToAssist Remote Support Integration with Salesforce

Softsquare provided a solution integrating with GoToAssist Remote support. This allows the support agents to initiate a support session with a simple button click from the Salesforce Case detail page. All remote support session details are automatically captured as session history under the Case, thereby reducing manual and erroneous data entry. The session details are now tractable and reportable.


This GoToAssist Remote Support tool integrated with Salesforce makes it easier and faster to support the customers and to drive productivity of the support agents. Also, the tool allows the technical support staff to gain greater customer satisfaction.