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Automated Email Support

INTTRA is an electronic transaction platform and information provider at the center of the ocean shipping industry. INTTRA allows customers to book and track containers and submit shipping instructions within the industry’s largest e-commerce network, gaining access to 54 carriers and NVOCCs

Care Management System

Unite Here Health (UHH) provides high quality, affordable healthcare to all their participants. Headquartered at Aurora, IL UHH has its offices widespread across all regions of the United States

Google Apps Script


Mosaic Research Management is a New York City-based provider of technology, customized recruiting services, and proprietary data subscriptions to fund managers who value proprietary research.


Mosaic RM carries out most of their everyday operations through email communication to experts and clients. Since the number of outgoing emails is limited to 1000 emails per day in Salesforce, This daily business communication was affected.


Expanding the email limits with Salesforce Mosaic RM wanted Softsquare to leverage the Google Apps Script to overcome the email limits per day. Upon the results, the email content is drafted within Salesforce while the Google script Id is mapped to the user account that sends the email. This feature allows every user in Mosaic RM to send 1500 emails per day.


The implementation and integration with Google Apps Script has accommodated the business needs at Mosaic RM thereby increasing their operational efficiency.