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Velociti is a Technology deployment services company that installs electronic equipment at various buildings, shopping malls, and vehicles

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Velociti is a Technology deployment services company that installs electronic equipment at various buildings, shopping malls, and vehicles

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Diplomatic Language Services is a leading language services provider that offers one-on-one and small group classes in more than 85 languages to US federal and commercial clients worldwide. With their headquarters in the Washington D.C. metro area, Diplomatic Language Services has staffed and managed programs throughout the United States, as well as in the United Arab Emirates and other regions of the world


Diplomatic Language Services has its support sites and Partner sites spread across various regions of the Globe. To locate a School in any region get any information related to that particular school, Diplomatic Language Services staff and students had to contact Diplomatic Language Services Internal Support. There was no online solution.


Softsquare developed a solution that helped the Diplomatic Language Services Staff, Instructors, Contractors and Students to locate schools in various regions across the globe. Softsquare leveraged three Google plugins-Google Geochart, the Google Maps API and the Google Geocode API for this visualization. The Diplomatic Language Services staff now uses the map functionality and its geocoding features to define the location of the Schools and the other information associated with that particular center.


When the user hovers over North America region, the tool displays the number of schools in North America. Furthermore, when the user clicks on North America, It displays the number of schools in every state in North America. When a particular state is selected, information about all the schools located at that particular state is displayed , including:

  • Distance of the Diplomatic Language Services center from the selected location using Proximity Search.
  • Enquiry Form for the users to send to Diplomatic Language Services In case of any query.
  • Custom Filters to find out If there are any Diplomatic Language Services sites and the Partner sites as well from the selected location at a selected distance in miles.
  • Access Details of the selected school which is accessible only for the authenticated DLS user.
  • Using this solution developed by the Softsquare Team, Diplomatic Language Services users are now able to locate the schools in any region and obtain all information about that school without Human Involvement.