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CPQ Implementation and FSL Integration

Re-engineered Salesforce CPQ and integrated with Field Service Lightning to cater to the scaling business needs

Merchant Signup is an online platform and suite of mobile apps that enables users to order from local restaurants and stores for on-demand delivery. The company currently has more than one million users and an online marketplace of more than 12,000 restaurants, wine and liquor stores, grocery stores, and laundry/dry cleaning providers.

CPQ Implementation – Fine Art Storage and Logistics


The client is a leader in fine art storage and logistics. They serve the art world ecosystem through our strategic network that spans North America and Europe. By design and execution, they can meet the needs of collection, whether private or institutional, offering unparalleled technical expertise in the handling, installation, and storing of art.


Their business process involves Sales reps interacting with the client and coming up with an estimate for the cost for painting, Labour and transportation charges. But the sales reps are unable to provide an estimate to the customer during the course of their discussion.

The following were the hindrances preventing the sales executive to come up with an estimate at ease:

  • Proximity of client’s location from the warehouse
  • Quoting the right combination of product/service offerings
  • Managing subsequent revisions in quotation
  • Complex approval process


With Salesforce CPQ implemented, the sales team can generate an efficient quote, utilize multiple quote templates and get approval on quotations apace.

Bundling products using Salesforce CPQ enabled them to associate various offerings with a quote efficiently. Their product/service offerings can be restricted to local trucking or it may include international shipping. Pre-configured bundles warrants that the sales reps don’t quote invalid combination of product/service offerings, thereby ensuring accuracy of quotations shared with the customer.

Salesforce CPQ automatically calculates the price by taking into account the proximity of the delivery location. This drastically saves time by eliminating the manual process of determining the drive time, environmental fee and calculation based on cross reference tables.

Whenever sales reps try to offer a discount over a specific amount, Salesforce CPQ will automatically initiate an approval process and the concerned parties are notified on the go. Also, Softsquare has developed numerous templates for the quotation leveraging Visualforce page segments and a custom tax calculation engine to cater to their requirements.


  • A user-friendly interface for reps
  • Streamlined and accurate quoting process
  • Time saving through automation
  • Complete automation of drive-time calculation – Reduced turn-around time from one day to on-demand
  • Simplified rate card using pricing rule to reduce quote generation time – 75% efficiency improvement