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CPQ Implementation – Fine Art Storage and Logistics

Implementing Salesforce CPQ from the scratch by replacing the legacy quoting system has resulted in 75% improvement in process efficiency

Merchant Signup is an online platform and suite of mobile apps that enables users to order from local restaurants and stores for on-demand delivery. The company currently has more than one million users and an online marketplace of more than 12,000 restaurants, wine and liquor stores, grocery stores, and laundry/dry cleaning providers.

CPQ Implementation and FSL Integration


The client is a photonic manufacturer and one of the leading providers of lasers and laser-based solutions for scientific, commercial and industrial customers. They design, manufacture and market laser systems and components, laser measurement and control products, optics, and laser accessories.


The Client was one of the early adopters of Salesforce CPQ. Recently, they have acquired a firm almost 80% of its size which has increased the operational complexity. As a result of this acquisition, their sales & services expanded to over 30 countries and the processes were managed using numerous independent applications: SAP, MS-Access and MS-Excel. As a result, they were facing three major challenges:

  • No unified system to measure the organization’s operational efficiency
  • Slow Turnaround time with multiple friction points.
  • Depending on the business units’ locale, the quote layout, language and t&c varies dynamically.

Also, the existing implementation of Salesforce CPQ did not have an optimal architecture which prevented them from scaling the existing setup.


To match the client’s evolving business operations, Softsquare re-architected the existing CPQ setup.

As a foundation to the unified system, Softsquare migrated the product master from SAP to Salesforce CPQ, thereby making Salesforce the primary system for product management. One major advantage of this transition was that, instead of relying on the product managers alone for new product configuration, Salesforce permitted any member of the product team to configure new products and get an approval from the manager.

Complex pricing methodology achieved by using pricing rule which improved pricing process makes the quote to generate more easier in the short time. Using Out of Box merge functionality to translate quote and quote document will be appended with Terms and Condition dynamically. The quote templates are made generic with multi language support. Achieved discount schedule and special contract pricing. Product configuration has 6 levels of role hierarchy ,which is revised and reduced to 4 levels for an efficient process.Due to re-engineering workflows for automation are reduced from 42 to 5 which makes the execution in a short duration. Using FSL integration new work order creation is made as an automated process.


  • Number of process automation workflow rules are reduced from 42 to 5
  • Quotations can be generated in region-specific languages and dynamic T&C
  • A new product can be configured in less than 2 hours – 80% improvement (when compared to SAP configurator)
  • Reduced the number of quote templates from 15 to 3
  • A 6 level product hierarchy in SAP is optimized to a 4 level hierarchy in Salesforce
  • The turn-around time for quotation generation has been improved by 75%