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Deepen your Customer Engagement with Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud

Drive customer engagement digitally with customized and easy-to-use ecommerce features tailored to Customer requirements for seamless interactions in Salesforce B2B commerce cloud.

What is Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud?
The traditional B2B sales cycle has improved predominantly to a streamlined and an easy buying process with customer experience that stretches across both offline and online channels. B2B dealers expect the equivalent omni-channel experience of B2C consumers.

Salesforce B2B Commerce is a state-of-the-art Customer Centric Ecommerce platform that helps to quickly deliver ecommerce websites designed exclusively for business dealers giving them the personalized self-service experience of shopping online. Salesforce B2B Commerce can quickly launch your Ecommerce business and start accepting digital orders. It supports more than 30 languages and currencies. It facilitates easy searches based on product and category. Cloudcraze B2B Commerce enables dealers to view all important information, down to a narrower category.

Salesforce B2B Commerce enables to create Ecommerce storefronts designed specifically for businesses making bulk purchases from other businesses online. Since this is connected to Salesforce CRM platform, B2B Commerce Cloud facilitates an array of commercial activities including storing, tracking and analyzing valuable data relevant to marketing analytics. Once dealers login, they see custom products along with negotiated pricing that they can add to shopping cart. Salesforce B2B Integration with third party payment gateway provides a smooth buying journey for users.

Why Softsquare for Salesforce B2B commerce

Increased Sales and Improved efficiency

We help B2B dealers navigate to any product, any time customizing B2B Commerce . We personalize commerce portals by providing all the details of a product along with customized price. This tremendous generational shift promotes more sales and has
improved efficiency of the buying process. B2B commerce provides additional insights employing the information offered by dealers through digital self-service and other commerce capabilities.

Better Track of Operations:

B2B Commerce well integrates with any payment platform that you
can think of. Integration with other such tools is achievable by writing
codes. Integration with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud helps clients
keep track of Sales and provide support and maintenance at the right
timing. Softsquare’s service enables our dealers to keep better track
of the operations.

Improved Online Engagement

Softsquare helps you improve your sales teams’ visibility into customer orders, pricing, and sales history using the robust features of B2B Commerce. We support you by providing a customer-centric experience that aids in setting the standards for providing an exceptional Ecommerce experience.

Best Value for Money

Softsquare is a full-service Salesforce consultancy providing the right product fit for your needs. Our expertise in ‘Salesforce B2B Commerce’ helps us deliver quality to dealers with best value for money. Customers can launch new products and expand business fast with features available in Cloudcraze B2B Commerce. Clients don’t have to maintain e-commerce infrastructure and can cut down on unnecessary costs.

How does Softsquare add value to customers?

Gentle transition from Legacy systems to Customer-First B2B Commerce

Softsquare has handled projects that require transition from legacy to modern systems. The legacy E-Commerce systems isolate E-Commerce systems from their CRM applications and they are not cost-effective. The modern ‘Salesforce B2B Commerce System’ helps our clients by reducing the cost of maintaining code while also reducing application incidents. The customer-centric strategy in Salesforce B2B Commerce helped our Clients by transforming the front-end user interfaces and automating manual processes as compared to Legacy systems.

Transforming B2B customer experience leveraging Salesforce Cloud

We help our clients transform customer experience leveraging Salesforce Cloud. Compatibility of Salesforce B2B Commerce with other Salesforce products enabled better visibility and tracking of business Operations. It helped in transforming the customer experience by empowering their customers with a seamless, personalized, and collaborative buying process.

Configuring Dynamic and variant products with different pricing

Many B2B Companies sell different products at different prices to their customers. Salesforce B2B Commerce is capable of handling and storing huge number of products. Softsquare personalizes Salesforce B2B Commerce system with as many variants as the product has without any breakage in the process flow. The functionalities are very powerful that we can configure different prices for a single product for every particular client.

Customizing storefront and Order template features including multiple delivery dates and shipping groups

Interactive UI is of utmost significance in Ecommerce websites. Softsquare customizes UI ensuring a smooth flow for end-users. B2B Commerce is very transparent towards the customer by providing a seamless technology-human interaction. Similar to a Salesforce Community, the Storefronts can be customized to a larger extent. The features in B2B ECommerce are very much flexible and advanced that the users can define multiple delivery dates for each product in a single order.

Customizing Shopping Carts that can accommodate thousands of products

In B2B Businesses, people buy in bulk quantities unlike B2C Businesses. Softsquare has helped clients by building efficient shopping carts that are capable of handling thousands of Products. Salesforce B2B Commerce is also compatible with third party tools for payment and integration. It provides customers with world-class shopping experience.

Customizing with Apex Code

Salesforce platform provides configurations for most requirements. Softsquare adheres to those requirements just by clicks. Some needs are very client-specific and for few business requirements that cannot be handled with configurations, we use Apex Code to achieve those functionalities.

Our Legacy

  • Salesforce focused Gold Partner on all fronts – SI, ISV, & PDO
  • Provide a customized approach & agile solution
  • Extensive experience in customizing Salesforce products
  • Wide span of project experience and deep product understanding
  • Providing Innovative solutions aligning perfectly with business needs
  • 500+ successful Salesforce Implementations
  • 135+ Certified Professionals
  • Quality and timely delivery and continuous support
  • Customer Satisfaction rating of 98%

Process Flow

Identifying Pain points

Every business across the globe is unique, so we try our best to understand your business process first. During this phase, we ask questions, listen and learn. We understand and identify the pain points and root causes of problems you face with business. We brainstorm in arriving at gain points. We go beyond by exploring the values, goals and challenges that drive your business.

Design approaches

Depending upon the nature of problem, we design solutions aligned to your core needs. Our analysts come up with various approaches specifically for each client to meet significant nuances in business. We create a connection between your business needs and Salesforce products. Our team of experts who always stay tuned with Salesforce functionality, features, and updates and play an integral part in designing approaches

Analyze and finalize Approach

We analyze and assess existing Salesforce instances. We analyze every approach in terms of performance, cost, lead time, and any other factors that are important while delivering a solution. The metrics that we track here may be different for different clients based on the type of business. Based on our analysis, our consultants pick and choose the best solution that aligns well with your needs and thoughts.


We customize Salesforce Products in a way that is closely aligned with your requirements. We consider all integration and migration activities while building the solution. We adopt best practices, build road-maps, prioritize tasks and implement them employing a well-structured process.


We empower you by deploying and implementing the built solution. We provide change management guidance and continuous service support to ensure that all stakeholders experience a positive adoption.