December 28, 2023

Automating Transfer Records in Salesforce with User360

As we embark on the final leg of our User360 journey, the User360 Wrap-Up Transfer Records marks the culmination of the Transfer Records template series. Dive into the seamless integration of Salesforce Transfer Records into process templates and witness how User360 elevates your workflow, providing a comprehensive solution to your user management needs.

Integrating Transfer Records into a Process Template

In the previous blog, we mastered executing transfer requests instantly using templates. Now, let’s delve into the process template integration—a valuable approach, especially for scenarios like managing employee departures.

Setting Up Process Templates

  1. Access Process Templates: Navigate to the “Configurations” tab to seamlessly integrate mass transfer records in Salesforce into a broader process.
  2. Create or Edit Template: Opt for “Process Templates” and either create a new template or enhance an existing one.
  3. Add Actions: Initiate with the action “Deactivate or Freeze User” and seamlessly follow it with “Transfer Records.”
  1. Specify Details: Input an appropriate “Step name” and select the earlier created template with precision. Utilize Salesforce user transfer automation for enhanced efficiency.
  2. Check Required Boxes: Ensure all necessary checkboxes are marked to furnish essential information for request creation and save process.
  1. Activate Template: Do not overlook the activation of your process template; it’s a crucial step.
  1. Create Request: Progress to create a request using the same process template for a seamless experience under “Requests” tab.
  1. Execution Process: Submit the request and the request will run at the set “Execution time,” initiating with the user’s deactivation.
  1. Record Transfer: Following deactivation, there will be a smooth transfer of records to different users, precisely as specified in the template.
  2. Check Related Logs: You can always monitor the “Related Logs” for real-time insights during or after request execution, ensuring a flawless process.


Hold onto your seats! With User360 Wrap-Up Transfer Records, we bring the curtain down on the User360 Transfer Records template series. This final installment showcases the extensive capabilities, from simplifying user management, crafting templates, executing transfers instantly, to seamlessly integrating them into workflows. User360 stands as your steadfast ally in optimizing Salesforce user transfer automation.

Transfer Record Template Series:

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Stay tuned for future blogs and updates! User360 is not merely a product; it’s a transformative journey in Salesforce user management.

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