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Improve decision making with powerful data insights generated by ‘Salesforce Analytics’

Improve decision making by blending data from various sources, conducting a real time analysis and collaborating data and obtain powerful data insights with ‘Salesforce Analytics’.

What is Salesforce Analytics?
Salesforce Analytics helps enterprises achieve business goals through data driven decision making. It is a self-service application enabling users to analyze large amounts of data. It results in achieving instant visualizations that show how efficiently the business is doing. It enables users to create dashboards that continually monitor key business metrics. It helps Sales Managers to get visibility into the teams’ business performance. It also helps users collaborate in real time with other users and partners. Einstein discovery helps analyze situation better by giving a complete picture of why and what actually happened.

Salesforce Analytics supports in taking business intelligence to the next level. It is a robust tool that allows users to explore data and discover new and proficient insights. It connects the Sales, Marketing, and Service teams with intelligent insights prebuilt making it easy for business to drill in data from Salesforce and other platforms. Salesforce Analytics also provides insights on actions to be taken next to improve business performance. It instantly operates on mobile and enables users to get immediate access to powerful data insights through its intuitive point and click visual interface. Salesforce Analytics can be customized and is extensible with apps available in the AppExchange platform.

Why Softsquare as your partner for Implementing Salesforce Analytics?

Faster data analysis with Intuitive dashboards

Softsquare helps our clients by customizing intuitive dashboards for users to keep track of performance. These intuitive dashboards provide lots of insights that help in improving the sales and marketing operations. Each dashboard can be personalized to present the most important and useful set of information. This gives access to the level of details that each user needs in order to meet their goals. With Tableau CRM, we help analyse the data faster with point and click visual interface.

Improved Business Performance

We help prioritize leads and opportunities that are highly likely to convert and close based on the past-history of business data. We help our customers boost sales effectiveness by helping them to know which customers are engaged and the right time to reach out for optimal response. Softsquare helps our customers pick and choose the opportunities that are a good fit for add-on deals already in progress for cross selling and upselling practices

Optimal pipeline management

We help our clients improve their sales process and analyze different sales strategies to promote more sales. Softsquare’s customizations helps our customers to follow-up with important leads and opportunities frequently. We support our clients by monitoring the pipeline metrics that helps in closing many business deals faster.

Customizing with Apex Codes

Salesforce platform provides configurations for most requirements. Softsquare adheres to those requirements just by clicks. Some needs are very client-specific and for few business requirements that cannot be handled with configurations, we use Apex Code to achieve those functionalities.

Why Salesforce Analytics?

One-stop solution for data analysis

Salesforce Analytics is a powerful data visualization tool used for Business Intelligence. It helps simplify raw data into interactive visualizations that help the users get a glance of data better. It also helps our clients to analyze and visualize activities occurring in your Salesforce environment. It gives insights into what happened in the past and can also help by guiding business to take it to levels by forecasting future outcomes with Predictive analysis.

Depth of Customizations

Salesforce Analytics helps us customize our UI and dashboards to a deeper extent. It also helps in optimizing the customer experience by deploying analytics fast by using customizable templates, third party apps and custom-built dashboards. Salesforce Analytics helps users extract the exact information they need by tailoring analytics to your business.

Better Customer Insights

Salesforce Analytics allows us to easily measure and analyze user engagements and key metrics. These customer insights will help manage sales and operations better and helps our clients improve customer satisfaction. It helps to keep track and monitor the activities in real-time basis. It supports in improving the business process and operations with better customer insights.

Ability to integrate with other tools

Tools like Einstein Discovery automatically examines tons of data combinations in few seconds to uncover explanations and recommendations based on situations. It helps convert insights into action with seamless integration to Salesforce. The ability to integrate with other tools has made it possible to import data into Salesforce Analytics from any tool.

Our Legacy

  • Salesforce focused Gold Partner on all fronts – SI, ISV, & PDO
  • Provide a customized approach & agile solution
  • Extensive experience in customizing Salesforce products
  • Wide span of project experience and deep product understanding
  • Providing Innovative solutions aligning perfectly with business needs
  • 500+ successful Salesforce Implementations
  • 135+ Certified Professionals
  • Quality and timely delivery and continuous support
  • Customer Satisfaction rating of 98%

Process Flow

Identifying Pain points

Every business across the globe is unique, so we try our best to understand your business process first. During this phase, we ask questions, listen and learn. We understand and identify the pain points and root causes of problems you face with business. We brainstorm in arriving at gain points. We go beyond by exploring the values, goals and challenges that drive your business.

Design approaches

Depending upon the nature of problem, we design solutions aligned to your core needs. Our analysts come up with various approaches specifically for each client to meet significant nuances in business. We create a connection between your business needs and Salesforce products. Our team of experts who always stay tuned with Salesforce functionality, features, and updates and play an integral part in designing approaches

Analyze and finalize Approach

We analyze and assess existing Salesforce instances. We analyze every approach in terms of performance, cost, lead time, and any other factors that are important while delivering a solution. The metrics that we track here may be different for different clients based on the type of business. Based on our analysis, our consultants pick and choose the best solution that aligns well with your needs and thoughts.


We customize Salesforce Products in a way that is closely aligned with your requirements. We consider all integration and migration activities while building the solution. We adopt best practices, build road-maps, prioritize tasks and implement them employing a well-structured process.


We empower you by deploying and implementing the built solution. We provide change management guidance and continuous service support to ensure that all stakeholders experience a positive adoption.