Effortless Data Management

Empower your Salesforce Data

AGrid enhances your Salesforce Data by extracting meaningful insights and visualizing it in the form of a data grid format. Built by adhering to the Salesforce tenet of “No Code”, AGrid improves the data management efficacy with an Actionable Grid and Connected Intelligence.

The user-friendly interface of AGrid eases data access by reducing the number of screen navigations whilst enhancing productivity of admins and end users alike. Now you can experience AGrid free for 15 days!

Robust Features

Share User preference

To improve usability amongst team members.

Connected Intelligence

For you to create related lists based on object relationship

Mobile & iPad

For your field sales or services team to access data anywhere on the go

Focus Mode

For your end user to curb the distractions on screen

Column Filters

To derive meaningful insights and data relationships

Global Search

To have unfettered access to all available data

Inline Editing

To quickly edit and correct data

Export Data

To export data in a CSV format

Custom Actions

To let users define and configure actions in list level as well as row level

Summary Value

To display the total and average value of any numeric column in a list

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What our clients say...

Senthil Subbiah

We needed a robust data management solution for our field sales team which could ingest, filter and display substantial amounts of data in their mobile devices. AGrid does that and more from a user-friendly perspective

Senthil Subbaiah


Mark Anthony Group

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