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Optimal Way of User Management

OneAccess UserManager helps you manage user access to SAP systems across the organization. Supported systems include SAP BI, SAP APO, and SAP ECC 6.0.

OneAccess UserManager automates a multi-step provisioning process so that your users have immediate access to SAP systems across the enterprise. With role-based provisioning, you can assign resources to your users based on business roles and policies.

Make sure new employees have access to everything they need to get right down to work. Using OneAccess UserManager, you can provision new employees 95 percent faster, eliminating tedious, labor-intensive manual procedures that typically accompany the on-boarding process. Best of all, every user action is auditable and verifiable, so you can both enforce and prove compliance with all the security policies in place at your company.

OneAccess UserManager provides automated user provisioning throughout the user lifecycle-delivering first-day access to new users, and modifying or rescinding access as necessary across all systems. With OneAccess UserManager you can control user administration costs, eliminate complex manual processes, and enforce security enterprise-wide.
You can pick your Approvers for any approval step, be it the Functional Lead from the Finance department, the Site Supervisor at the Plant where the employee joins, or the Role Manager for the requested Role.

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